Possible best options @ned should investigate...

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Hi! Currently at the boarding cue for my flight back home...
Just I would like to powering up these two options coming from @yabapmatt and @taskmaster4450 ...

  • Advertising as a way to get incomes to sustain the cost
  • Beneficiary rewards for steemit.com as a way to get paid for sustaining the compromised API and nodes till fixing the long term solution, as other dapps are doing by default!

Let’s share the problems and solutions among us!

I hope @ned would take them into consideration.
Both feasible and both will be tools for sustaining the Blockchain in safe conditions!
Please, I would like to read why not can be applied...

So resteeming would be appreciated

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I would stop Steemit nodes. Witnesses are paid to keep the network working. That means producing new blocks when asked; and some more tasks. They are already providing their nodes. Some apps are also providing public API nodes. Steemit's ones, although default in sdks, are not the only ones and powering down will make the Steem ecosystem more decentralized.

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