Facebook token and its implications to STEEM

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FACEBOOK has announced its interest to launch a Blockchain Token, see here.

Does it good? Does it a bad new?


Contrarily to what some people is writing here and there regarding the possible implications regarding this powerful competitor would produce to the STEEM price, I think this is not a bad news at all, nor for the crypto market neither for STEEM.

I think that this kind of announcements is what everyone at Blockchain wants to hear now regarding massive adoption of the technology but, of course, only regarding this aspect.
Because I can imagine that FACEBOOK token will not be a crypto per se...
I’m sure it will be fully controlled and supervised by the company...in other terms, it will be a Centralized Blockchain what means exactly the contrary to what we expect. Something like RIPPLE, which, IMO, we cannot consider a pure crypto since nodes are controlled by some of the bank partners...

However, in terms of Blockchain and technology education, if Facebook launches this token it could be a mainstream learning access in order to make people understand what Blockchain, bitcoin and crypto mean...
So, a kind of perfect channel for crypto education of the masses...

How that would affect STEEM?

For me it is clear as water, MASSIVELY POSITIVE!!!

I don’t care about Facebook being a competitor, I care about spreading Blockchain technology first, discovering crypto and use cases the second, understanding decentralization and finally realizing that STEEM is a better place to put your eggs in since, with still some fixings going on, everyone can have better control of their investment and own success...much better than any other centralized token.

Facebook token is just another step towards crypto adoption, despite it would not be a crypto per se!!!

Steem on!


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@toofasteddie, thank you for sharing this information about Facebook and your thoughts with us. It was really very informative to read. Have a wonderful weekend.

Tu siempre positivo!

También tengo mis días 🙂

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This could dilute the market so much that all prices would crash. There is a over 2000 coins now compared to around 1000 last 2 years.
Imagine at 10000 coins

Disagree, this is not a problem of number of coins but total market growth

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Interesting, new competidors are comming in to crypocurrencys grounds, very interesting, like it!!! im start to belive that this year we will see an increase of the valeu on Bitcoin!!!


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A lot of folks don't care about decentralization but Facebook will be a shitcoin anyway. Steem can perform well without the centralized coin of FB!

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No doubt

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I agree totally. It's not always about competition. 99% of the current Facebook users will not come to Steem in my opinion but there might be people that hear of such thing as crypto and blockchain start educating themselves and probably start using Steem as well. I don't see Steem users leaving Steemit for Facebook but I see Facebook advertising crypto and blockchain technology massively by embracing it. I don't have Facebook but I recognize it as a powerful tool in many ways.

That’s the point, Blockchain is still unknown by the masses

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It will only help people get used to using blockchain and open their eyes to the potential of others which will broaden adoption. It can also allow existing blockchains and protocols to adapt the successes they have for themselves!

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Estoy de acuerdo contigo. Si aun quedaba alguien con alguna duda sobre si esta tecnologia ha venido para quedarse, la adopcion de la misma por semejante gigante como es Facebook, sentencia.

En cuanto a competencia a Steem... Creo que Facebook y Steem se parece lo mismo que la noche al dia. Ademas de los terminos de su posible funcionamiento y filosofia centralizada, Steem se utiliza para publicar articulos y contenido original haciendo de el un uso serio y respetable en la gran mayoria de los perfiles, y Facebook se utiliza para publicar txelfis, frasecitas y lecciones de "sabios" sobre la vida, y demas gilipolleces de soplagaitas como en un 99% (margen de error 1%)

Ah!! Y videos de gatos...

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