How to claim your FUTURE TOKEN from Drugwars

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Recently @drugwars has announce to give Future Token for drugwars player. This is step how to claim your Future Token to your wallet .

First create your walllet , you can download byteball from ios or Obyte from playstore


After installing the wallet , its time to connect the wallet with your steem account .

Create your account name

Then click agree for t&c , you can read through them.

This is front interface

Click chat at red point

Click bot store

Find and choose steem attestation bot.


click 3 dot and click insert my address

Then connect to your account using steemconnect

Then click to sign message to sign in .

Sign in your and try to claim your Future Token



Here i claiming my 700 Future Token

Checking inside my walet ;

Wallaaaaa , success !!!

Credit to @bitrockers2020 for the tutorial.


@tommyl33 wondering how future token can be use .

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Hello! I do not want to deal with the program, and for me it is difficult for me. I can claim and give you Future Tocken, and you give me Steem?

well , i also want steem . :).

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How much you got?

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I can't claim the tokens. I get following error.
'The attestation has not yet been confirmed or the account is not publicly attested(try again in 15 minutes)'

you have to click the blue line first

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Can I link multiple steem accounts to a single byteball wallet. My wife also holds an account but she may mess up stuff. So I want to maintain it myself on my own phone. Is that possible ?

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Also where can I find my referral link. I want to invite few of my friends.