New site similar to steemit Login to learn more

in steem •  4 months ago

Haw to signin in whaleshares


Log in to your site

Then click on signup

Then click on


Then fill in some information

Then you wait until your application is accepted and you will be sent a message to Gmail

this my account in whaleshares

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This site looks exactly like steemit based on the pictures. Which coin or blockchain is it using? And is it really as good as steemit? Do we need another steemit copy? Do you recommend this site to steemit members?

I'm not sure that a website SIMILAR to Steemit is necessary, whats wrong with the one that seems to be working for everyone that already exists?

The duplication of a website that is already here and working on exactly the same principals isn't a new idea.

An original idea is probably going to get you a better response.

Dude, where's your grammar?

Thank you friend. Its nice read. Please check my post and upvote if you wanna work together,