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RE: Announcing: Smart Media Tokens (SMTs)

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Here is a great article that shows what is possible with SMTs:

The Day the Paywalls Died: How Steem’s Smart Media Token Saved My Family’s Newspaper


That's really cool. Imagine if the SMT really could do that.

Extraordinary development @timcliff, looking forward to seeing the roll-out. Given that there is a plethora of currencies out there (not all can survive), is there a mechanism whereby tokens could be aligned with SMTs to give them a purpose and, hence, an underlying value?

follow me plz

SMTs will be their own tokens, and will be tradable on the internal market for STEEM.

Exactly what I'm looking for... thanks @timcliff

Can anyone explain briefly , what smts are ? Thx

They are going to allow users to create their own tokens, similar to STEEM and have them run and distributed by the Steem blockchain.

I would like to add my 2 poor cents in:
TL;DR I believe the announcement represents a structural shift from centralised to hub-spoke model with chages in the role of STEEM as a currency

Here is my 2 poor cents in:
TL;DR I think that SMTs have a potential to change the role of STEEM coins as we transition from centralised to hub-spoke model with this announcement

This is gonna spark plenty of ideas. Social currencies for all.

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