Full node update - appbasetest.timcliff.com changing to api.timcliff.com

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Hi All. I hope everybody is doing well :)

I have a brief update about my full node.


  • The URL for my full node appbasetest.timcliff.com will be changing to api.timcliff.com.
  • Both URLs are currently being supported in parallel.
  • The old appbasetest.timcliff.com URL will be turned off after 12/31/2019.


Back in March 2018, I started supporting a full node: appbasetest.timcliff.com. At the time, the node was intended to support the testing of the new AppBase release.

At the time I setup the node, I said: I have not decided if I plan to support this indefinitely. I plan to keep it up for at least the next 2-3 months as everyone is testing AppBase - since there is obviously a clear need for it right now. We'll see in a few months where to go from here.

Well, quite a bit of time has gone by, and there has continued be a need for public "full" API nodes. I plan to continue supporting the node, although the original name that I chose for testing AppBase no longer makes sense.

For this reason, I will start supporting the node under a new name: api.timcliff.com.

Technical Notes

  • The sever does do moderate rate-limiting to prevent excessive use from taking the node down.
  • This is not a "high availability" node. If it goes down, I will do my best to get it up as quickly as possible - but it may take time depending on what needs to be done to revive it.

Example use

I assume that most people who care about this already know how to connect to and use an RPC node, but here are a few examples to get you started in case you don't:


cli_wallet -s wss://api.timcliff.com


curl https://api.timcliff.com --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":0,"method":"condenser_api.get_account_history","params":["timcliff", -1, 10]}'

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What the specs required to run a full node at this stage compared to a wtiness node?

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The short answer is it requires a lot more RAM, disk, and bandwidth. A lot of that depends on how heavily the node is used too though.

I'm not an expert on the performance side of things though, so if you are interested in the heavy details I'd refer you to the series of posts done by @gtg :)

In terms of my node, it has 256 GB RAM, 2x450GB SSD NVMe disks, and 500 Mbps unlimited bandwidth. It's not going to be enough to handle api.steemit.com levels of traffic, but it will still support basic use by a lot of apps.

Can you share at least the posts of @gtg ;)

I believe these are the main ones:

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Glad to see you back in action.

Nice one Tim. Good to know that there's another RPC node out there. Question: can you have api.timcliff.com return a status like api.steemit.com does, indicating that it's ok?


Yours returns: {"jsonrpc":"2.0","error":{"code":-32000,"message":"End Of File:stringstream","data":{"code":11,"name":"eof_exception","message":"End Of File","stack":[{"context":{"level":"error","file":"sstream.cpp","line":109,"method":"peek","hostname":"","timestamp":"2019-11-13T02:00:16"},"format":"stringstream","data":{}},{"context":{"level":"warn","file":"json.cpp","line":489,"method":"from_string","hostname":"","timestamp":"2019-11-13T02:00:16"},"format":"","data":{"str":""}}]}},"id":null}

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It looks like theirs is a jussi endpoint. Mine is just the "pure" Steem blockchain node.

Ok. Sounds mint! I’ll have to read into it further. !SHADE 1

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good one

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