Everybody - Vote for STEEM --NOW-- We need everyone to do it. Have your dogs, cats, children, grandparents (anyone you know) do it. Everyone should vote for STEEM today!!

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STEEM is currently in second place in the poll to be added to the (large) BTCC Chinese exchange. We need to be in first. Getting listed on this exchange will allow all of the BTCC exchange users to purchase STEEM. More people buying STEEM = good.

It is very simple. Just go to this poll, and vote for STEEM. Do it right now. Please.

If you don't have a twitter account, please register so you can vote in the poll. You never have to use it again if you don't want to, just sign up so you can vote.

Have you created twitter accounts for any of your pets? Do you have a fake account that you use for drunken tweets? All of these accounts can vote. Log in with all of them and vote for STEEM.

We have made it in to the final round, and just need to overtake ETC (Ethereum Classic) to win. We are so close! 2nd place won't do it though - we need 1st place to win.

Everyone please do the following:
(1) Go to the poll and vote for STEEM.
(2) Repeat #1 with any/all twitter accounts that you have access to.
(3) If you have any friends or relatives who can vote, get them to vote too.
(4) Resteem this post so more people can see (declined payout).

Have you voted yet? DO IT NOW!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Come on Steem! Tell your friends we can still win this everyone vote!


I have just discovered Steem lose the battle...

Totally. Every post should be about this


Agree. Like, the top 5 posts or so should all about inviting everyone over to vote.




Good call!


We are a social media site , if we can't win this we are in trouble!

wow, looks like STEEM may just pull it off. now at 43% versus ETC at 36%, that was one massive underdog comeback!

keep them votes comin' and lock 'er up good!

It was 39% before I voted, but it was 40% right after the vote.I think Heaven is moving.


Awesome! Let's hope we can keep going and keep the lead until then end!


sure, let's go go!!!

This so awesome, we only had 8% of the vote on Sunday. Now we are nipping on the heels of 1st place. Anyone with a twitter account, vote and have your friends do it too!

We can still win!!! Everyone vote Steem :D, if you hadn't

Excellent work sir @timcliff we are all bidding for our criptomonedas, as I have filled the surveys can only do is reesteemit the post to contribute with the information


On cloud nine. Very happy right now.…


Sweet! Let's keep up the momentum!!


That was fast, hahaha
Dang, go STEEM!!!!!


Someone must have a lot of drunk accounts, lol. Let's keep up the momentum!!!


I'm frequently checking it. I might even create extra accounts as much as I can. ETC still has a fight left.


Yeah, it is not over until it's over. ETC could still come back and win. Let's keep the votes coming!


ETC is back in the lead ever so slightly...ugh.

YEAH! This is incredible. Go STEEM!

i did it again Tim.
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