Transferring STEEM Between Parallel Universes

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Sometimes sharing content and curation just isn't enough. Sometimes one needs to draw upon the infinite resources of the multiverse. Times like looking at the reception to my first blog post using statistics to determine how long The Simpsons series would last.

In times like this I need a quantum gun.

A quantum gun is a mechanism with which there is a 50% chance of killing the experimenter; depending on the quantum spin or decay of a particle. According to the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics theory the quantum gun will kill the experimenter in one universe but spare the experimenter in another. Standing in front of a quantum gun incurs no risk to the experimenter because he will continue to live in the universe in which the quantum gun doesn't fire.

Knowing this I can get STEEM from parallel universes. All I need to do is make a continuous bet with someone who has STEEM: The quantum gun will fire if the fresh particle decays within its predicted half-life. If the gun fires and kills me then I lose and owe the other person 2.0 STEEM. If the gun spares me then I win 1.0 STEEM. The experiment can be done however many times needed until I am dead or the other person has no more STEEM left.

After performing this experiment/bet n times I will cease to exist in 2n - 1 universes but I will continue my existence in at least one universe in which I have won n x 1.0 STEEM. Of course, in the parallel universes where I am dead I lost a total of n x 2.0 STEEM, In the end I only exist in a universe in which I won the bets.

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