Today's Crypto News July 27th 2016

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Good morning Steemians! There is quite a few interesting things to report today in the world of crypto currency.

Coinbase recently has added Ethereum (ETH) to it's exchange and has also expanded it's operations with its launch in Australia. This seems to be a step in the right direction for the Australian government as it's views on crypto haven't always been very welcoming.

In other news it looks like the Ethereum foundation can't seem to catch a break. After the "successful" hardfork in Ethereums code to undo the DAO attack in which $50m USD worth of ETH was stolen, it's given birth to another crypto currency Ethereum Classic (which is Ethereum pre hardforked) which is now catching momentum and trading on most major exchanges such as Kraken (announced this morning), Poloniex, and Bittrex. A statement from Vitalik can be found here.

In Steemit news it looks like China has found it's way to Steemit and is currently the # 4 tag (#cn)!  Here are your Steemit stats for yesterday.

Transactions Per Day - 116,235 which is a 7% increase from the previous day

New Account Creations - 1,427 which is a 8% increase from the previous day

Posts Per Day - 5,657 which is a 2% decrease from the previous day

stats taken from created by @jabasteem

also check out created by @roelandp for a list of helpful steem websites

Bitcoin is up 0.74%  -  $653.06

Ethereum is down 0.92% - $12.92

STEEM is down 11.06% - $2.68

Ripple is down 3.21% - $0.005955

Litecoin is down 0.53% - $3.96

Ethereum Classic is up 80.54% - $2.00

Dash is down 0.26% - $8.94

New Economy Movement is down 4.26% - $0.006592

Lisk is up 4.15% - $0.286301

NXT is down 1.02% - $0.0261

stats from

news sources from and

As always have a great Day Steemians! I'll leave you with this.


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