Steemians, stop thinking you're entitled and deserve to make money.... But be happy you are given the chance to!

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Recently I have been noticing a lot of people whining & complaining on Steemit. One thing I see a lot of people complaining about is that their posts aren't making money because of all the new users making it hard for posts to be seen. Another thing people are complaining about is that the "whales" don't see their posts and that the whales are only up-voting certain people or new users only and that it's rigged.... I'm starting to see a "general mentality" from a lot of people on here that they DESERVE or are entitled to making money from their posts regardless of whether the content is good or not. It sucks to see that a lot of people on here already seem so jaded....

We are a part of something revolutionary that PAYS us to create / curate content!!!!! Even the fact that we are capable of making any monetary gains from posting on a social media platform should make us all smile ear to ear! I think people need to realize that most of us that are invested into Steemit right now in the infant stages and stay invested into Steemit, stand to make a lot of money as Steemit gets more and more popular. Stop worrying about whether or not your posts are going to make money. Concern yourself with creating content and being a valuable part of the community and the financial gains will come eventually.



"Very true, I'm happy to have earn any amount on a post!"

very good material

Couldn't agree more. Looking a gift horse in the mouth if you ask me.

But I want my money and I want it NOW

images do not display

Yea thanks I'm looking to fix that right now

The irony is you are making weak content moaning about them

Let people post what they want, there's enough room for a few moans

The difference is I won't cry and complain when my "weak" content doesn't make money.

You've already cried by creating the post. Lead by example and create some good content if you are going to advise everyone else to

It's not about good or bad content.... it's about people thinking they are entitled to making money whether their content is good or bad.

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