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Everyone loves to celebrate a new benchmark...

I'm not at any major milestone yet but when I reach my first 100 followers I will do something nice for my fellow steemians who are supporting me, which is to give back $50 worth of Ethereum! Whoop whoop!

I will do a random number generator from 1-100 and select that person. You will be tagged if selected, and will need to reply with your ETH address within 3 days otherwise I will re-draw.

** Bonus $5 worth of ETH if you upvoted this post **

I will most likely do these periodically to celebrate and give back, you all rock! Steem on!

Upvote and Resteem!


Awesome idea @thorhur22! Upvoted and I already followed you! I will post a screenshot of the transaction if I win. Then everyone can see that it's for real and you'll get a lot of new followers.

Hmm maybe I should use the screenshots to make an announcement/ winner post, initially I was thinking I would just do everything within this post but a 2nd might be worth it.

Thanks for the inspiration :D

Yes, you can do a second post wich will earn you also some money back and everybody who follows you is updated. But I think it's a small efford for the winner to show what they have won in a post or comment. This also promotes your account.

Followed and upvoted! May the odds be on my favor lol. ^_^

That is alot of ETH, even $5 is alot, wow man very cool of you do to this giveaway!

Good odds at 1 out of a 100 ;)

Upvoted and ready to win it.

Some say thats the answer to life, the universe and everything in it.

Upvote and Resteem!!! =D wish me luck

Haha good luck!

You have a great heart with great plans. Keep it up and welcome to the @steemit community. Continue steeming it 😁👍

Appreciate the warm welcome, so far its been great!

Upvote and Resteem!

Great work friend! @thorthur22

Whoop! I appreciate that :D

Upvoted and Resteemed!

Heyo! Appreciate that :)

Followed, upvoted, resteemed and now sat crossing my fingers that i win. Nice idea thanks a lot of sharing your generosity with the community.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing and may the odds ever be in your favor :p

Let's hope so. Hehehe.

lovely post, i love it.. @bilalhaider vote up and follow me maybe

Hope I can win 😁

Good Luck broha!

Im digging your marketing. Was just looking at your other posts. Keep it up your giving good info but promoting yourself as well. Thanks

Thanks @seanmartin, I'm glad you checked out my other posts, I'll keep delivering!

Upvoted, followed and resteemed. Hope i can win.

Thanks for the resteem! Hopefully the random number gods have you in mind ;)

Worth a shot, good idea..best of luck on the road to 100

I'm enjoying the journey. What more could I ask for :P Good Luck!

Hi, upvoted, followed, resteemed! This is quite a generous contest!

Also, working on securing my .ENS domain so if I win, maybe we can try that out :)

Cheers and Steem on!

Thanks @robertdurst10 - that would be cool, I was looking into getting an ETH domain myself. I haven't sent ETH to one yet so it would be a fun experiment!

Hi! hope to win

Hey @mrehqe glad you're here. Hit this post with a resteem if you can!

ok...nice..upvote and resteem

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