Awesome Weekly Spotlight #2

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This Is Awesome

So this is my second weekly spotlight and it will feature the curated posts of the past week.

Awesome Weekly Spotlight #2

So let's start, and they will be presented in the order that they where upvoted and resteemed.

Monday: Our Victory Lies in Accepting Both Happiness and Sorrows With Evenness of Mind

This post was published by @devkant79 and he speaks about the different experiences that we face in our lives and how one should best deal with them, it shows much wisdom and maturity and it is awesome.

Tuesday: 🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 07.05.2019

This video was published by @cryptospa where he announced a token sale by @freedomex and application @dlike, plus he made an overview of the cryptocurrency market, and he have much insight in that market, it's awesome.


This is an article by @maxdevalue where he makes his post for the Steem Bounty Program with Snax, and he explains it in a very easy way, awesome.

Thursday: What Everyone Ought To Know About 'BEPICOLOMBO'

This article was created by @crazy-facts who explains the mission of BepiColombo, which will explore the planet of Mercury and it's fascinating to read and written in a way that makes it easy to understand, check it out it's awesome.

Friday: My video about - The steem card game !

This is a video by @clixmoney and it's made to promote SteemMonsters (Splinterlands), a game on Steem that is really well made, spreading Steem is always awesome.

Saturday: My Actifit Report Card: May 10 2019..... High Five Friday 🙌💪💯🎉🎶💦✨

This is the @actifit report from @practicaleric and he makes a very motivating post with beautiful pictures, check it out it's awesome.

Sunday: My Actifit Report Card: May 12 2019

This is the @actifit report from @mickvir celebrating Mothers Day with his wife and kids, it's just awesome and heartwarming.

Thank You!

So these where the curated posts and videos this week, and as I have said before, I upvote and resteem 1 post per day, to give each post both the full 100% upvote and to only have 1 spotlight per day, so the posts do not have to compete for attention.

It is my hope that this gives great value back to the Steem community, and I thank you all for reading and supporting this effort, this account was created by @flaxz to give attention to awesome content and help the Steem community grow.

Have an awesome week ahead.

This Is Awesome

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Awesome stuff!




Thank you for including me in your weekly spotlight.

I’ll be sure to checkout the others that were included also.

Have an awesome day!

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My pleasure, have an awesome week ahead.

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