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I have found Twitter is the most efficient social media platform when it comes to onboarding new users into cryptocurrency.

YouTube on boards the most users overall, but not everyone can become a highly subscribed video creator. On Twitter, anyone can help, regardless of your creation skills.





I want this to be a weekly event — post proof of work below by leaving a comment with a photo on your Twitter hustle.

I have zero tolerance for spam. Make meaningful, intelligent comments that are related to the tweet. Just look through Twitter, and anytime you see that Steem or a project already built on Steem could benefit someone, just let them know about it.

For instance. A content creator on Facebook/YouTube or any of the others gets their account suspended, kindly suggest Steemit or Steempeak or 3Speak or any of the rest of the apps/dapps on Steem.

Like here I suggested Steem Monsters to hardcore card collector Gary Vee.


If you can add one or two tweets a week, earn your weekly bounty here, I think we can start to get people noticing Steem more. But it will take a community effort to push.

The easiest place to start is to search terms like "social media" or even "social media ban," "crypto social media," "Steem," the search box at the top of Twitter.


There isn't much to it; sometimes you will swing and miss, sometimes you'll hit one out of the park. It is about consistency and spreading awareness. Steem isn't something you need to "shill" - Steem is something that can legitimately help and add value for many people out there.

Post your Twitter proof of work in the comments below, and I'll hit it with an upvote. The more work you put in the bigger upvote you will receive. Cheers!

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Something like this.. ?


Boom! Just like this, well done!

Hello sir! I just invited Ami Horowitz, A renowned Journalist to join Steem. Here is the tweet link.



Screenshot 3  Copy.png

Jordon Peterson is huge on censor free rights to speak and write.

Doing my job among the hispanic community.


My proof of work on Twitter
Steem blockchain could be used for more Than the traditional typing and posting, but also to. Venture and help set up a particular project

here's some proof sir, promoting steem in twitter,

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Check out the short video, opening a booster pack:


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Oh hey I found something. Here's what I did. 😊


Make meaningful, intelligent comments that are related to the tweet.

Quality over quantity imo and the reply to the cards collector is a good example. My twitter game is weak, need to improve.

People could also tie their Twitter (and Steem) account to if they haven't already.

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Hmmm I'm not familiar with SNAX. It's too sad share2steem stopped working. That was one of the best ways to post to Steemit using Twitter and Instagram.

Upon checking we'd need to install a wallet first. Uhmmm. Imma think abt this. 🤔

That the way we must to have more users in order to get steemit great again

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Oh great idea! Now I know where to tell people when I post/shill Steemit stuff on Twitter. 😄

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I just did this on YouTube the other day because Corey/TheMeanKitty (The Mean Kitty Song guy) who is essentially one of if not the first professional YouTuber, put out a video talking about why he is leaving YouTube. I suggested DTube instead - but it was on YT, not on Twitter.

The death of 8Chan seems like it spawned the most interest in crypto.

A very good idea and it directly provides important information to those who are getting censored/banned. Good stuff! Upvoted/resteemed. @truthforce writing

Now that's a great way to influence more people in the right way

I dont have alot of followers on twitter but at least i am doing my best :)

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Finally someone has contacted GaryVee about Steem...

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Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 10.58.28 PM.png

Yes, Twitter.

YouTube have so many problems and Blockings for the content creators. Everyone know the 4k Watch time limit and the 1k subscribers. But they have as well only email and chat support for users which have over 250k subscribers and over some milliones watchtime..... all other users will never get any email support and must help themself in the forum. A Shitty plattform which is time to brake it down. Now Beatzcoin and vibravid is coming online soon. And of course we have like dTube and 3speech..... Hope in any day, Youtube will loose mass people and realise that they time is over

P.S. i must honest say, that you are one of the people that not upvote themself with they SP. You are giving it back to the users here and not using it for you, cheers!

steem price is ever red

I want to join, it's true that twitter is more popular in terms of promoting..

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I onboarded 3 people via Instagram. I am on Twitter and would tag famous people now and then, but I found more interest via Instagram. So I continue promoting via IG instead.

What you are doing over Twitter is great, I try to like everytime I see you suggesting Steemit to someone, if they don't join, at least thanks to the amazing reach their platform has, we get our names in their heads. I think our main goal right now would be to bring members of the yang gang aboard since we share a lot of ideological and economical similarities over here! Especially when it comes to UBI. I think a couple of them have joined but we have to get the big fish himself as well... This is a really good opportunity...

Btw the guys at @coingecko never ended up adding us in their main social bar even though they run a witness here :-(

C'mon, of course we did! What do you mean? :'-(

You only added it on the footer and not on the top one :-(

Good catch!

Perhaps we will certainly consider adding Steem on the main banner one day. Who knows we'd have no choice because we have as much followers on Steem as on Twitter or Facebook 😉

You should. Steemit is the best social network in the world xD

Luv it! Subtle and strategic!

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That is great Dan!, I love this idea of "bounty" I will not wait to be enrolled! Thank you for having much time with us.

You just gave me a quest for tomorrow... maybe tonight. Your on :)

I have followed Gary Vaynerchuck for a while now. While his content can be overwhelming, he is energetic with a positive mind set.

@theycallmedan, Yes, it's effective step and should be implemented because in my opinion masses don't know about the opportunities which are created and yet to be created on Steem Blockchain.

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Looks like you’ve got yourself a good promo strategy. I’ll try to create an account there, I’ve never had one I remember to use. Would it be fair to post our latest voyages in comments of your posts no matter the date or find one related to this topic such as this post here?

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I keep promoting Steem on Twitter and have recruited a few people. The first step is getting more to know there is an alternative.

Lol I love how you slide in those comments ever so elegantly, I'm going to try and do the same :)

This is a good one. Thanks Dan for spicing engagement of our blockchain

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