My Steem Witness Voting Proxy

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I am now announcing my Steem witness voting proxy.

What is a proxy voting on Steem? Setting someone as your proxy means you give them the authority to vote on your behalf. A proxy can be someone you know or someone else you trust to vote on your behalf.

I spend a good amount of time/resources to make my witness votes, and if you don't have time to keep up with 30 witnesses, and you trust my vote, feel free to use my witness voting proxy link is below.
My Proxy Voter:
Or on Steem Keychain, under proxy choose "theycallmedan"

My current list of 30 witness votes: (I shuffle a few witnesses in and out to help out up and coming witnesses)

If you have any questions about voting proxy or witnesses, I vote for, reach out anytime on discord/steem chat, my username is "dhenz."


Thank you for the continued support of my Witness, I really appreciate it and continue to do my own best to support and encourage throughout the blockchain - including supporting the #SingIt content by @betamusic by contributing to the prize funds.

I would like to say I am consistently impressed with how many ideas and incentives you come up with on a weekly basis to engage and encourage this platform and it's users - from contests such a the Quora promotion of the Steem Blockchain to the latest Delegation contest which has totally taken over the blockchain - literally it is all anyone has talked to me about for the last week! May the best project win, everyone in the Top 10 has great merit in their own right - hopefully your generosity will be noticed and backed up by others as well.

One thing I think the Steem Blockchain has always excelled at is bringing people together, hopefully more people will see and take note of your vision and continue to promote and support our active user base.

I believe I've voted a few of these, it's honestly intriguing to see that you've definitely know that some choices I made are listed here, well done





Recently I have submitted your witness vote.


Here you go sir.


Great proxy, definitely a smart choice for any user who doesn't want to go through the who's who of witnesses but still wants a smart choice.

Thanks for sharing this great information, the witnesses are a fundamental part of this platform and we have to give it the heat it requires

Yeah, no reason for me to have 25+ unused votes, and you already vote for the few I like. Defiantly makes my life easier, thanks for being a proxy!

Incredible proxy, unquestionably a savvy decision for any client who wouldn't like to experience the's who of observers yet at the same time needs a brilliant decision. @theycallmedan

Boom! Let's go. I'm giving my next 10 upvotes for random people that posted the same screenshot and are using Dan as proxy :D

I have @therealwolf already as mine, and chose him because of your recommendation. Had that not been the case I would absolutely choose you, and would recommend to others to not hesitate to do the same due to all of the effort you are putting into this ecosystem.

First off, thanks for your continued support and picking who you want to vote for can take a lot of time if taken seriously. Personally I have taken a lot of time on my own choices. A proxy is a great way to share this with the world.

Thank you for the vote of confidence ,

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@holger80 is missing

I don't like proxy voting.
That way, we small witnesses will never have any chance, as big players would never choose us, but small minnow votes would mean a lot to us.

Thanks for giving this great information.
Have a good day....

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That's a great project @dan I like it..
Carry on..

That is truly cool. Much obliged for the data on intermediary witness.

Thats really cool. Thanks for the information on proxy witness.

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Yes @dan that's superb working project of you ... keep it up..

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Thank you so much for supporting Steemhunt :)

you do an excellent and noble job. I already included myself as a witness.

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Your witness list look alike mine. THe likes of @partiko @blocktrades @therealwolf @aggroed @anyx@c0ff331 @steemgigs @guiltyparties etc are a good combination.

Thanks for this. It will help many vote for the appropriate witnesses.

Thank you for voting for us! Hopefully you will get a chance to try out Partiko as well!

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Thank you so much for your vote and support! This means a lot to us!

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Done! I trust you Dan, like you said I don’t have the time to keep up with all the witnesses!

Good idea, I'll do my own voting for now but I resteemed your post, for any of my followers who want to use your proxy.

Great to see most of our witness votes are aligned. I enjoy the process of seeing the efforts of witnesses and what they bring to the ecosystem. Since Hard Fork 20 I have taken this responsibility seriously as the implications for us are huge. I still have 2-3 available which I will review against yours to see what witnesses I can consider but I like to have one always available to have some space to adjust when someone needs support.

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