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Happy Holidays everyone and I hope everyone is having a great time with loved ones. This is the first edition of what we would like to be a series of ads/commercials /documentaries. Big thanks to @block170 for creating this Steem Ad. Our next goal is to create a different style of implementing actors and possibly members from the Steem community. My hopes would be this snowballs into a community driven project where we, as a community can create and put out incredible Steem material for everyone to promote.

Steem Ad:
Creator: @block170
Mission: Spread the Steem Ad across as many social media platforms as possible.
10% upvote for all that share on at least one social media site.
(Get an extra 5% upvote for a total of a 15% upvote for all that share on at least two or more social media sites.)

To participate, please post proof of your share in a comment below on this post, and I will upvote as soon as I can. Thanks!

Any feedback on the Ad please let us know! We are always trying to improve in anyway. :)

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good effort ! lets all promo steem to more ppl on social media

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Hey there :)

Twitter and facebook.




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Hi sir @theycallmedan done all.








Nice ad! But could you please change the logo in it to be the new logo and branding? The old logo with light blue and dark blue is old. Look at and go to the brand tab. Shared on Minds (another blockchain based social media platform which I don't use too much, but based on Ethereum), which has a good market that might be interested in Steem. I also paid to 'boost' this to reach 1,500 impressions!

Ready. shared on Twitter ... we have to help the community to grow ... we hope that we all make our best effort and help share this information

Hello Dan,
Excellent ad with a superb message - I have shared to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Thanks for your excellent work for the Steem community!

Upvoted and resteemed :D






We are steem 😍❤




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Hello, happy holidays :)


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Awesome ad guys, looks great! Good job!

Shared it on my twitter account and will bookmark it to post it in relevant places from time to time. :)

Happy holidays!

Awesome video, maybe if you could feature the logos and names of some of the top dapps that would be cooll

Shared it on

Great AD! Really excited to share it with 7k people on FB! My sister and I will share it there and I will also share it on my twitter account, which is not that big but more exposure is always good :D!

I will hide my sister's face and name but the good news is that she's joining STEEM Blockchain soon so you'll have an opportunity to meet her :D



Posted on my Twitter account.


Excellent idea and campaign @theycallmedan. Hoping you have a good holiday and look forward to watching your inspirational videos in 2019. Here is my twitter share:

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Published on Facebook :)

Please give me an upvote on this post:

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Done, posted on my small youtube channel:


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Happy Holiday

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@theycallmedan, Brother these sounds and reflecting as awesome and most importantly super productive package going forward because Ads are one aspect for which everyone looks for before knowing about particular product and when we see diversified and and dynamic ads for one Product or Economy that will going to show the potential of that particular product or Economy.

@block170, Amazing work done and it is really impactful. Keep up and more success to you and your work.

@theycallmedan, When it comes to Centralised Platform, i am using Twitter. So kindly find the below Tweet Link.

Stat Blessed. 🙂

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Shared on FB!!


So, I have over 1500 friends on FB and usually get alot of likes on my status updates.
But, it looks like my link isn't getting any views.... Is it possible that Facebook already sees as a competitor and their algorithm will keep it out of people's news feed? I know they do this with Youtube links.


I was thinking the same about FB. Same noted on my side. FB easy can run some tricky algorithms lowering the visibility with anything related to steem or other ceyptos


I wouldn’t put t past them. FB uses closed source software so anything is possible.

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Ad now tweeted...



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Shared on my Twitter @theycallmedan ;P




Cool contest and what a great Ad! Shared to FB (:



The ad is really nice i will promote it on my steemit id as well.

I shared it on my Twitter account :

I was really looking forward to this and I love it! well done @block170 and @theycallmedan!
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Hi sir How are you?
Merry Christmas

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I enjoyed the content and hope it can spread! Shared via Twitter:


I promote directly on YouTube, the subscriber is more than 1,000 ...

Congrats on the 1M SP. I heard you say in one of your videos a few months ago that it would be a goal of yours. Well done dude!

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nice one, i been doign lots of giveaway this holidays also ;)

The ad needs a "where to go" to get a new account. Steemit Inc. website is a terrible spot to advertise. Direct them some where that gives out accounts atm.


Thanks for the feedback.

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Feedback on ad:

  1. The content of ad doesn't really connect with the title , there is not much for content creators in the ad , it works for someone who already knows what STEEM is , meaning its a good re-targeting ad but not so much an introduction to STEEM.

  2. IMHO - STEEM needs 3-4 focused ad on each use case as introduction ads , with titles such as:

How to beat Youtube monetization ban ?
Did you know you can earn money by answering questions similar to Quora ?
Dtube is going to be the censor proof Youtube..
Actifit - an app that pays YOU for excericising

and then follow up with the general re-targeting ad.

Keep up the good work.

very cool idea man. thanks for doing this to help spread the steem message.

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Hey Dan, this is awesome! I wanted to let you know I’m launching an online company based in part on being inspired by you and your videos, particularly you’re theycallmedan show.
It’s pursuing what I love, helping people, and making the world a better place. I’ll share more down the road. I’m pretty sure it’s going to make me a lot of money fairly quickly so that’d be pretty cool too. It’s not really about that for me. But, I’ve been working in the nonprofit sector for 19 years making not much money so that’d be cool. Plus I have a two year old I’d love to provide more for. But whatever. It’s not about that at the end of the day. This endeavor is quite literally going to save lives through education, and do so much more good. So, THANK YOU! #BillionaireMindset

Happy 2019!


PS You often say if you were starting something new you’d be hitting up people’s comments sections as a strategy to build your network. In context you’re referring to building strategic relationships so this isn’t an exact parallel, but I feel like it’s sort of a small way of paying homage to you and your sage advice. Thanks again!

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I have featured this contest to help get it seen.

Merry Christmas 🎅🎄🎁

nice spot!

I shared it, people told me "the sign up doesnt work". Feels a bit bad if the first impression is the nice spot and the secend sign up process is retarded :(

i hope we dont burn new Users, because they never get a account fast, free and easy.

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Best regards


Sir excellent work..i like it so much..and this is a great way of promoting our steem/steemit..👍👍👍😊😊😊

Ready. shared on Twitter ... we have to help the community to grow ... we hope that we all make our best effort and help share this information

Can I download it and re-upload on my own youtube channel? That way it will show up on subscriber feeds.

Walk away from here for two days, let your vote power grow back to 100%, it will pay you more dividends than letting it go down below 50%. Just saying, as nobody else will.

Hi buddy hope so you are well i just saw your name in the dtubefamily777 and was curious to know about you but i was not able to find your video CV which @nathanmars has asked all of us to make, so i just want to ask you for the video CV so that i can know you better and we can have a great relationship in near future.

Thanks buddy i will be waiting for your CV do make it and tag me there and don't forget to mention my name while making the CV, have a wonderful day buddy.

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Happy Holidays, and a sweet healthy New Year 2019! :D

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