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I’m heading to the airport now to pick up all my friends and family for my upcoming wedding this Saturday. I will be very slow to respond to emails/messages so if it’s urgent put “URGENT” in the title and I’ll get back to you the quickest. After the wedding is my two-week honeymoon and I will not be responding to any business mail at that time.

I want to run a Steem promotion contest while I’m gone, but I can’t think of any. Help me think of a cool way to giveaway 1k steem to get new sign-ups.

Lots of great stuff is happening on Steem everyday and I am thankful to have the awareness about Steem this early on! Lots of love Steemians, don't do anything I wouldn't do ;) Cheers!

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Congrats brotha see ya in a few weeks

((': Take the time to spend it undivided with your new wife! Enjoy every moment of it ((:

Congrats on your wedding and honeymoon. ..mine is coming soon

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, I wish you all the happiness.


Congratulations mate. Say Hi to the Missus and enjoy your honeymoon. In case you need a toast:


Congrats on the wedding and good luck on the honey moon!

For the contest, perhaps @coruscate and me can think of something to get new sign-ups via our project @steemonboarding. We'll come up with a proposal in a few hours and drop it as a comment here!

Maybe we can even work out some Introduce yourself curation with @ocd for those newbies who join the platform through the contest.

Aww Dan that’s so exciting!! Congratulations!! 🥰

I echo what @anomadsoul said . My wheels are already turning for an awesome idea for this. Eric and I will talk and will send you a proposal for a @steemonboarding collab to onboard more users in May!

Congratulations Dan, that's awesome news! Enjoy your time you two!!!! 👏

Congrats on the wedding mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun and get some rest too. We'll be around waiting for some nice stories. As for the costest part if I come up with a nice one i'll use that"ERGENT" title here, on your mail or discord. Cya!!!! :)

Not even married yet and marriage is already getting in the way of your Steeming ;P

Advanced congrats and enjoy your honeymoon.

Woah your getting married, Have a safe trip and hope the wedding will go spectacular.

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<3 Enjoy your Wedding, the Honeymoon and don't you even dare think about Steem because we'll be here when those two weeks are over but those two weeks are a once-in-a-lifetime. Some 'wisdom' from someone who could try to live more in the moment herself ;-) Ha! Cheers Dan! Don't forget to say YES!

Goodluck for your upcoming new life, I wish you all the best and enjoy every moment of your new life... Sending best wishes for you..

congratulations man enjoy your wedding and your honeymoon. congratulations.

Congratulations to you both! Have a SUPER SPECIAL day on Sat and enjoy every minute of the honeymoon!

Congrats man! Have a good break from Steem ;)

Well obviously congratulations on being or getting married very Soon @theycallmedan I hope you and your wife have the best of honeymoon really and converning the giveaway I'm thinking steem has been listed on niffler, you can do a giveaway in upvote for people to make awareness On twitter to get steem listed I'm coinbase.

Congratulations, have an incredible day and full of blessings.

Congratulations on your wedding and honeymoon, what a joy you must be feeling these days.

To promote steem, the best thing is to do it with passion. Here there are professionals, artists, dtubers, musicians, painters, etc ... Let everyone promote it in their own way, from simple to artistic and creative. What do you think?


And maybe you can randomly pick first 50 or 100 Steemians to giveaway...

Enjoy your wedding, thanks for the invite, sorry I couldn't make it man 🤣😂. And have a ball on your honeymoon. Steem will still be here when u get back, we will hold off on mooning till then for sure.

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Congrats Dan and enjoy your honeymoon. Take lots of photo and post them here. When you get a chance, remember the 5K. But at your convenience

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Congratulations on your wedding @theycallmedan. Good to hear that and happy married life.

Congratulation amd have a GREAT fun. 👍

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Congratulations Dan for the wedding and enjoy your honeymoon. Have a great time.

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Congrats! Enjoy the beginning of a new life buddy! I am just starting a cruise as well but that can’t get me away from Steem!

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Keep Steeming on the go with Partiko. Love to see the craze for us.... Congratulation for all upcoming important day.....👍 STEEM on

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Dan I didn’t expect you coming around after those busy moments, but it shows the level your regard to Steem family! We celebrate 🎊 you. Happy married life!

Yes! We call you Dan.

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Ladies & Gentlemen, Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Congrats on Your Wedding @theycallmedan, Super Eager to See the Wedding Photos! Of Course you MUST Share with us, you loyal following followers :D

congratulations on your weeding and honeymoon. Hope your new part of life will turn into happiness and pleasure.

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Enjoy your offline time Dan! :) We all need the digital detox sometimes. May your upcoming wedding and the honeymoon be some of the most beautiful and memorable moments of your life!

Have fun Dan! Don’t worry, I’ll hold down the steem community for ya while your gone 🤣

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hello my friend , I wish you have a nice weekend , how can you resteemed my post ??

Congrat @theycallmedan on your wedding and do have a happy married life.

I AM @ifyredeemer

I just onboarded steem few days ago and i decided to go through your blog and i saw this great post of you telling the world of your wedding.
God bless your union.

To the both off you : Have a great wedding day , enjoy every second and celebrate with loved ones friends and family. Have an amazing honeymoon and we all will be there when you return to the steemisfere


Love the @coruscate and @anomadsoul of Steem Onboarding project so if you ask me you found a contest with these two. And when they are onboard we will do our utmost in the steemterminal with the help off @xcountytravelers and @thekitttgirl

So Off to your tux now !!!


Congratulations brother. Thanks for the support and initiative to bring steem to the moon

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Congratulations on your Wedding 💒 last Saturday 11/5/2019. Wow. I'm so happy for you because it is just a reason to be more happy in life. I did some post on behalf of your wedding 💒💒💒💒💒. I hope you saw them....

Enjoy Mr DAN And Mrs Gabriela.

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Happy days

Wow huge congrats!!!

Congratulations, @theycallmedan.
With you and your bride a beautiful wedding, an unforgetable honeymoon and a very happy marriage.

Congratulations!!! And enjoy the the max, Dan!

Congrats and have an awesome wedding/honeymoon!

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Better late than never, Congrats on your marriage. Be happy forever!!

Happy family time!

congratulations on your wedding!

thank you for always thinking of people on Steem :)

i'm especially grateful to the help you've given to @jimramones - he's a dear friend and like family to me!

i love your new banner - he did a beautiful job!

enjoy your honeymoon!

:) Congrats on your wedding <3

enjoy the days with your future wife and loved ones. congratulations

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Congratulations on your new journey to husbandship. Have a grand honeymoon! We'll all be here when you get back...

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Congrats again to the both of you! Have a wonderful honeymoon!

We are blessed to have you here Dan!

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Congratulations to your wedding and honeymoon @theycallmedan, I wish you all the best.

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Congrats on the wedding Dan. Have a relaxing honeymoon m8... you deserve some chill time with your wife 🙂

Steem will still be here waiting when you get back 👍

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Wow.. congratulationsss 💕💕💕

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[email protected] Happy wedding !! Take a nice break, enjoy and return back with double energy. Steem needs you 🙌 Hwish you every thing great.

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Congrats @Theycallmedan on your Wedding. Wish you a blissful marital life. You deserve it.

Congratulations on the wedding @theycallmedan!

Congratulations, @theycallmedan! I started posting on the Steem blockchain about 2 weeks before I got married, myself. It's a lot of work, but well worth the effort! I hope you have tons of fun while you're out there

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On behalf off the members of @steemterminal, STEEMTERMINAL DISCORD community and @heyhaveyamet, congratulations on your marriage to Gabriela, we wish you a great married life and a happy honeymoon.


Congratulations @theycallmedan!
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You are too cute!!
So happy that you are part of the Steem-Nation!!
Now go have the time of your life, create amazing memories, and the SteemVerse will be right here waiting for you :)

Have a nice day till then :) steem on

Brother @theycallmedan, Have a blessed life ahead. In my opinion, we can come up with one contest like, let's make a video just saying one word as Steem, and let's spread this contest on Twitter with one particular contest tag and One word can attract more questions in the mind of viewers. Stay blessed brother.

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Congratulations for your wedding!

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Congrats Dan on your wedding. Wedding, The best thing that can happen to a man and woman

Have a blessed time & congrats again!! 💕🙌😊

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Same to you Dan

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A nice giveaway while you’re away, sounds cool. Meanwhile, conjugal blessings. Nice honeymoon, please don’t forget my request too while you’re away. Thanks Dan!


@techslut is running a similar contest. Her's is pretty straight forward, "Tell me how you're promoting STEEM" and then I guess she just picks the ones she likes. Maybe you two could join forces or if you want to run your own use her post as a guide.

Enjoy your two-week vacation!

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Congratulations for your upcoming wedding @theycallmedan.

Why not onboard your future wife, your friends and family as all other attendees.

Might not be appropriate for such a party, but I challenge you to create the first Steem Wedding.
They all come to celebrate with you and you thank them with their first Steem.

Congratulations for your upcoming wedding

It's cold and rainy outside for days, but best wishes back to you... 😀

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Congratulation for your wedding, Dan. God will bless u.

Best wishes @theycallmedan!

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Congratulations man!


Have fun man.


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Thanks for great giveaways... Congrats for the wedding


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Hi @theycallmedan,

From all of us with Decentralized Football Academy, we wish you and
your bride to be, many blessings for the future. We hope you have an
amazing wedding and honeymoon!

We thank you for all that you do for Steem, you're an inspiration!

Congratulations on the wedding! Have a wonderful time.

We will miss your present on here ♥ Good luck 🎲

Congratulations to you for your wedding DAN may God bless you

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Stream the wedding on Steem. Congrats to the two of you (and the cat), and have wonderful time.

Congratulations, @theycallmedan! Enjoy the wedding festivities and honeymoon! All the best!!!

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Just think of any bro. Contests of yours is always fun

Congrats Dan!
I have no suggestion but just want to wish you well!

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Congratulations to both of you! Have a great time :-)