The Next Fives Years...

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Passionate about this social media future because of aligned incentives.
Steep slope, we have to get it right, now.

I don't use facebook or google.

Google and Facebook aren't built for this generation of individuals.
Mass data storage has diminishing returns.
Not built for web 3.0.
Easily cut them out.
Googles data centers will be looked at like abandoned steel mills.

People will be paid to watch ads and get paid commission on the items they buy through the ads they are watching; no need for coupons.

Why should you own your data?
Because you can charge for it!

Just because someone says DPOS is centralized over & over doesn't make it true. DYOR

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Owning your own data

First time I've heard of that expression, concept. You might be onto something :)

Yeah it's hard imagining seeing Google get dumped but it's definitely possible/likely.

And lol at people looking at you funny when you say you like EOS and Steem.


If you'd like stop by my 1 year steemiversary post or graphics post I did for the 1UP project.

Love your grounded positivity and @exyle ease my nerves , whenever I get some about STEEM..

I don't know it's an accident that I start following you...

You're worth following and I would definitely pay money to watch your content for sure!

By the way are you coming to SteemFest in November ?


I would love to but it would be a 16 hour plane ride for me :( - maybe next year.


I'll definitely try my best to convince you to come Next year!!

Wow, powerful talk, second video I listen to now from you and I am excited. Keep it up. And check out my 1UP DTube airdrop for a community SMT. Would love to hear your feedback. You seem to have some good ideas about crypto.

I also use Brave and DuckDuckGo. But I am still finding good videos on YoutTube. Hope DTube will have more content soon.


Sure, where do I get the info about your 1UP DTube airdrop?

Thanks for forcing your listeners onto Steemit :D

I agree 100% . I do not understand why people allow the abuse form google, facebook and that lot. I think it is more of a Stockholm - like syndrome. Like being in an abusive relationship. They just keep telling themselves it is ok and that facebook and google only treat them like shit and spy on them because they love them.


It is also as dangerous as an abusive relationship because of the power of mass censorship can lead to wars and human division.


Lead to? Hell we are already there brother. Just look at how divided America is already. It is just sad. They just keep playing the sheep against each other.

Facebook is quite easy to leave but Google is a lot harder. I use StartPage as a search engine but dumping Android would be hard. I could use apple but I think they're just as bad. Perhaps the crypto world should use a version of Linux on phones? There's been a lot of attempts but so far, Android doesn't have much competition. Here's some of the alternatives


I was thinking EOS could create a smart phone, that would be pretty awesome.

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Just listened to your video, and appreciated your generosity at the end! Would you be willing to sponsor any newbies that we find (from the latest @welcomewagon post) in need of help? Last week was a little rough for the WW community since so many are newbies, and I ended up boosting all our recruits from my account. After helping our little family, I decided to reach out further to anyone who might need 50 SP to help with the RCs at this point. As long as they're contributing to the platform, they can keep my delegation until they build up their own account - then I'll pass that delegation on to someone else in need. I think I'll have enough for 5 more accounts. But if we find a few more than 5 - would you be willing to sponsor those delegations? I just posted it yesterday, and we have 3 people who have commented on the post. I am just extremely concerned about the fact that we NOT lose any diamonds in the rough. If we bring new people, and they can't realistically grow their accounts (and the only way to do that - without investing - is to comment and hope that you lure people BACK to your blog to follow) then we all lose.

Newbies can't grow? Steemit can't grow.

Let me know what you think? I don't want to drop the link and be spammy - but I'll be happy to if you like! :) Really enjoyed your video - listening to videos like these makes me realize how much more I have to learn though. hahahaha