Don't use Bittrex for STEEM, SBD. It has a Critical ERROR!

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It is not able to withdraw. Don't send or buy STEEM at Bittrex until they fix this problem.


Has this been fixed? Thanks for the update.

Yes I wrote to bittrex about that issue. And here is what I got
Thank you for your submission. We're aware of the issue you reported. We're continuing to collect data on the new site, and we'll regularly review all reported and known issues for future releases. We appreciate your feedback and hope you enjoy our newly improved website.

Good to know. It might be just wrong display but I would not want to risk it. It seems that there are problems with withdrawing STEEM quite often. Poloniex and HitBTC has STEEM under maintenance. Does anyone know why STEEM seems to be so difficult to keep working?

Binance is working correctly but they don't have SBD.

True, but you can use the Steem internal market to trade your SBD for STEEM and then send that to Binance

Unfortunately I saw this too late. I just posted the below in another blog, but it better belongs here:

I have a problem with the new withdraw function at bittrex.

The new withdraw window is very confusing. Here it is:


It seems to be impossible to withdraw steem from Bittrex to a steemit account. If you enter a steemit name with less than 10 characters you get an error message as below. You can’t proceed. If your steemit name is less than 10 characters, then you can’t withdraw.


If you choose a steemit name of more than 10 characters, you still can’t enter the 6-digit authentification code.


You are blocked completely at that point. (Tested on an iPad).

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Do they still have this error? :)

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I have encountered the same problem today. I just switched the two contents of the fields, then bittrix try to send it, but lukily you get an error message. So you dont lose your money.....

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Thanks for the info mate

Hello, they fixed this?

Thanks for the heads up.

thanks for the info bro

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