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Hey Steem Fam

Let's Double your money

Today we are gonna talk about a serious topic Money Doubling Services Sounds Cool isn't it?

But Unluckily it's not it's just a ponzy scheme to rip you off

So, nowadays there are many ads and messages in different channels on Telegram and on Instagram and various social sites as well about doubling your paytm money, paypal money, Bitcoin, many other crypto and bank loading as well.

They lure you by making fake doubling screenshots, fake chats, etc and posting them as proofs. Even you can make a fake screenshot or fake passbook by simply searching apps on internet.

Let's just imagine even if there is such thing as Bitcoin double, or your money doubling, why not the guy just loads all the amount or doubles his balance and become a billionaire? They will say that they can not load into their account full money, or they will get caught. If they are so much talented, they can register new accounts and bank accounts with new sims and load unlimited money? But no they can't, Because it's all fake and a scam technique to just rip your or your parent's hard earned money.

In some cases, they will tell you try with small amount like 5$ and maybe will give you 10$ back. And then you will go for big amount, and then they will block you and you will come crying to get your money back. So please stay safe from such scams, and invest your mind, time and money in something useful which actually gives you good and positive results. There's no such thing, in which you chat to someone sitting at home, and get your money doubled, atleast have some common sense.

You can not complaint against these scammers to police, even if you did you will get into trouble first, that why you were involved in something illegal and moreover, these scammers are being caught, many get away but some get caught. They use fake sims, phones, accounts to rip your money, so it's very hard to catch them. So please stay safe and do something productive in life.

Be safe Be Aware


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