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Hey Ya Steem Fam

I've been offline for a month lately that was my cell issue so I wasn't able to post cuz my lower half section of the screen was not working

I've been missing Steem lately not much but yeah I've missed it 😂

So when I was out I've heard about Sweet Airdrop going on with 2.1 Million SWEET getting distributed by @Swapsteem and it's easy to claim just join the Discord Server

What's Swapsteem?

It's a P2P exchange service for Steem Chain and also offers Users Rewards for using the service So why to wait!

You can exchange Cryptocurrency to Steem Or any Fiat Currency

Steem-Engine Tokens are also being updated and are ready to sell or buy for orders...

How can I claim Some SWEETS?

  1. Join in the Discord Server with this [Link
  2. Link your Steem account with discord and get instant 0.5 - 5 SWEET reward
  3. Go to the section #play-with-bots and type !claim and you shall get SWEET within 24 Hours

How can I increase the amount of SWEET I get in the drop?

  1. Delegate - The more you delegate the more you get Rewarded!! Haha I know you rarely use them to Upvote 100% they are getting wasted use them delegate them and get SWEET for your loyalty
  2. Referral - I heard you are good in inviting people then why to wait also invite bonuses have been multiplied to 10x times 😲 Oh even I should hurry and invite peeps and the link is HERE
  3. Upvote Rewards - Upvote post's of @swapsteem to get more rewards
  4. Resteem - Resteem to Support and also be rewarded again loyalty gives bonuses 😂 you shall instantly get bonus as you Resteem the post you get 0.001 Sweet per follower you have so if you have 1k followers you will instantly receive 1 Sweet for every Resteem..... Oh So SWEET!
  5. Review - Write posts about your experience with Swapsteem's exchange Service and they shall shower you with money(metaphor 🤪)
  6. Buggy Buggy Bounty - Are you good in finding bugs on a site? Then here's your chance grab it and you know the next find bugs get SWEET cuz SWEET's are so sweet
  7. DTube Rewards - I heard you are good in making videos and also reviewing sites then you must try ASAP! Not only you Will earn Steem by upvotes From Members but also Some SWEET SWEET candies don't say you don't like them ... Use #swapsteem as the tag and the user shall be eligible for 50-500 Sweet based on the curation and quality of the video
  8. Use The Service - For every Successful Buy/Sell order You get 50% Of the money in SWEET isn't that so SWEET of them

Where to trade SWEET?

You can trade it on For any Crypto Or fiat currency or on at a price of 0.01 STEEMP Per SWEET!

SWEET Airdrop Schedule

@swapsteem has decided to AirDrop 2.1 Mil SWEET Tokens to the steem community in return of support to the project.

Join Follow And Support Us also Resteem

Don't Forget to Upvote Follow and Resteem cuz it helps 😁Love ya Until Next post Bye!!

And Don't Forget you All are so SWEET😂


You have receive an upvote. Thanks for playing moonSTEEM

That was worth the click. Thanks for making this post. It is helpful.

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