Make Steemit Great Again!

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I have been Steem's biggest fan since I joined this great blockchain over 2 years ago. Steemit is only social media platform I have ever really participated on. I had also powered up Steem anytime the opportunity presented itself.


I currently find myself in a situation where I am powering down. This is partly due to the uncertainty in the real world, but also due to the uncertainty in the Steem world. I previously felt Steem was a great coin to HODL, and HODL I did. Now I'm just not so sure what the future has in store for Steem.

My reason for this post is to engage in a discussion about where Steem is heading. Is Steem still the same great coin powering the same great blockchain it was a year ago? As much as I'd like to believe this to be true, the fact that I am currently powering down may be evidence that I am no longer a true believer.

A power down is not permanent, and can be canceled at any time. So I guess my real reason for this post is to get someone to restore my faith in Steem. No one knows what the future holds, but it sure would be nice to hear some postive words from those who still believe. I wouldn't mind hearing words from those who don't believe either, just for arugment's sake.

So please leave your comments and express your opinion's.

Thank you for reading. Let me know if you will Steem on!


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I feel the same way and wonder the same thing. I noticed that Hive is pumping hard today and if I knew how to sell it I would be dumping my liquid hive lol. But I haven't sold any steem yet.

Why not joining HIVE instead?
Are you a Justin believer or what?

Why not joining HIVE
Instead? Are you a Justin
Believer or what?

                 - toofasteddie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Of course I have joined Hive. But I currently hold a large bag of Steem and I'm forced to wait 10 more weeks to decide what to do with all of it. Since I have so much time, I figure I should use it to make the best decision possible. It sounds like you have already made the decision that I will probably end up making in the end.

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