Steem is on its way up!

in steem •  3 years ago 

Based on the technical chart analysis, Steem looks to be on its way up, this maybe a golden opportunity to pick up some Steem! Not telling you to do so but I am! Steem took a 15% dip and based on this chart below...looks to be going up.

Screenshot from 2017-07-13 10:52:51.png

Again, this is not a financial advice, it is just my personal opinion!


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Yes, I thinks so too, I bough 120 steem yesterday

good for you my man!

Thanks for keeping us informed really appreciate.

no problem :)

I purchased more STEEM a few days ago and it felt GOOD...........

oh I bet it did :)

I really wanted to buy some steem but I spent it all in eth.... :-( I believe eth is on it's way up as well.