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Having worked in the I.T. industry for over four decades one would believe that I am comfortable with change... but being an almost really old codger (numerically that is...body and brain still just out of teens....LOL) I struggle to adapt to anything taking me out of my comfort zone.

It's All About To Change - Travis Tritt

Yes, @justsunsteemit and @ned ... listen to that dastardly sound as punishment for putting me through change !!

{shiver} yuchhhhh, country and western MUST be the worlds worst 'music'

Do you know what you get if you play country and western music backwards???

answer at the end of the post

I logged onto my Steemit account this morning and noticed red numbers above my photo in the top right hand corner..yes, the one I admire for minutes on end every day in a narcissistic stupor ...damn, I am soooooo HOT !!

{wrenches eyes off pic} ..Errr, back to the subject at hand.

I clicked on the number and ....voila...all became clear.... or not.


I had 592 notifications .... now I can only imagine how many notifications popular Steemians like @jaynie, @aggroed and @galenkp must have...eeeoww.

Then I noticed ....NO BLOG OPTION ... panic set in...'How do I access my blog?'

Panic at the Disco - High Hopes

This youtube video has had 43 MILLION views in 18 months .... that is around 13 176 views per hour, or 54 views per minute .... and as the video is over three minutes in length... I reckon it has NEVER STOPPED PLAYING since being uploaded

Now where was I ?

Oh yes, things are changing here on our beloved Steemit so we better pay attention over the next few weeks and months. More specifically around tokens and swaps and and and ...

If you play country and western music backwards .... you get your horse back, you get your dog back and you even get THE girl back

How's that click bait header? And here you thought this was a serious post which would lead to hot debates .....LOL

But on a serious note ... the communities option could be helpful. I am expecting @jaynie to set up a South African one a.s.a.p. go girl !!

As always, thanks for stopping by ... your support is appreciated.



Notifications? I had many thousands come through...All good though, and so far liking the changes with probably more to come.

In respect of Communities, I started a Lego one a while back and today started a firearms one too, which I will announce tomorrow. Onwards and upwards huh?

Can ytou remember what your wife looks like? Only kidding.... thanks for the Engage stuff.... more to read up on ..I feel like I am back at school this morning :( :(

Haha, yeah I go to my blog and look at the picture I posted of her. Lol.

Glad to help where I can. ✅

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