for most cases it would be true. i think they need to separate earning and payouts. the earning should be depending on upvote time and not the age of post. so if someone upvotes on day 15 of a post he should get rewards on day 22.
i found a few articles while researching on steem reward calculations that go 2 years in the past and i wanted to upvote but there was no point. We could also link it with a resteem so everytime a post is resteemed it would start a new 7 day cycle. so if i want to upvote i would have to resteem as well ( with a comment optional ) and the earning cycle starts again.

Aye, but it was the early days, I believe that today content creators would benefit from it.

Interesting, could try, if not, can go back any time

Yeah, but today no one really votes on anyone unless you have connections, deals or is a huge big whale. So no one with sub 5000k steem, high rep and a lot of ass sucking is earning anything at all. So people leave and look for other things. Better to at least have the POTENTIAL to earn after 7 days, than to guaranteed not to earn anything at all. Posts could potentially go viral weeks or months later if lucky strike. At least thats something. RIght now there is no reason to stay here for 90% of content creators. They earn zero..and after 7 days they can never earn anything whatsoever on that effort.

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