Anyone who is interested in steem gambling.

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I'm planning on opening a casino and I'm currently looking for partners and also potential users who would be interested. So ill be running a poll on twitter and would like this to be taken very seriously.


Who is thedegensloth?

Those who don't know who i am, well im the Ceo of Zappl inc, lead Developer of and on the pay roll of 5 other NDA pojects that are steem based projects. I'm a huge believer in the steem eco system and have been working with partnering with exchanges, as well as small banks to try to score us more fiat pairs. Because of the lack of innovation in our blockchain or should i say the time it is taking to release v.20 which when i first started talking to them about was 6 months ago many have lost interest. But the grind continues.

My next goal!

My next project will be a casino for the steem blockchain, sadly with how things are now it's impossible to make a decentralized casino or any true dapp until smart contract support is started. So this will be a very secure casino that is steem friendly, which will also be public investment friendly as well. People can and will be able to invest in certain games instead of plain just investing in them all.

This casino will include slots, sports betting, and poker. With more options coming a quarter or two after launch. If I'm going to launch this project i would like for everyone to vote seriously and leave your thoughts below.

You can follow me and contact me on twitter or discord:


I would be interested. That sounds like a great idea. I would use the casino. Keep the updates coming. I'll follow you on Twitter as well. Thanks for sharing.

It's definitely interesting and there are already quite a number of new blockchain casinos (Fun, DBet, etc.) in the market. Might be nice to have one that accepts Steem/SBD.

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"public investment friendly"?, What about ZAPPL token holders?

Public means them invest their own coins into the pot. It has nothing to do with zappl as well as any tokens this is a separate project. Like any other crypto casino who invest crypto into casinos.

I am a developer. I am very interested. I have been working on a betting game also. Would be cool to chat

feel free to hit my up on discord thedegensloth is my user

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