Steemit will Grows, but we have to manage

in #steemlast year

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The Steemit-crypto currency block chain can progress and can move up word , if we can handle and can manage the present situation. There is great loss by the division of steemit in to hive because some of the members have reservation about steemit management team, they left the steemit. But we should not have discouragement about their going away from the steemit and enters in the new hive community.

Now in this new scenario the steemit team have to think about the progress of the steemit and the benefit of the community. For the progress of the steemit block trade we have to work in the following way.

I have some suggestions , which were listed below.

  1. The steemit team have to launch some projects wich will benefit the steemit community and the steemit it self for its success.

  2. The steemit has to work in such a manner , that they have to manage the income from advertisement like youtube, facebook etc.

  3. We have to manage that we should upvotes the minnows , new comers and the community members with good contents, but this thing is lacked, because we should encourage them.

  4. The down vote policy should be revisited and reviewed that because few people only downvotes the blogs , either they have posted original good content , it is not good and this have already discourage the good content writers. The have black listed and automatically down voted the posts even they have write good and original contents.

  5. All the members of the steemit community have to work hard honestly and it is the duty of big whales to support minnows and new comers of good content writers.

If we can manage the above mentioned suggestions then we can progress and move the steemit up word and the steemit block chain will benefit the steemians in future. Thanks for reading this blog.