Why I still believe in Steemit, been here since week #4, not going anywhere.

6 days ago
64 in steem
  1. The entire concept of Steemit is revolutionary.

  2. The price doesn't matter, the purpose does.

  3. The community is still growing, it just shook out the slackers and quitters like any market.

  4. It has only been barely a year since inception of Steemit.

I don't even need to write a full on explanation, thats it. Stop acting like the project is going to die over night, we hit a bottom, now we are going to the moon... DUH.

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  ·  6 days ago

Must admit i had a few doubts and even started to power down..but then i came to a reality check and realized steem is in grained in my daily life and I wont abandon it because it looks bad at the moment, so i cancelled the powerdown.

Agree with everything you said.

  ·  6 days ago

Exactly, just had to go in to bunker down mode while the leeches and lazies battle an all out war for more free money. The tech behind steem is still solid...

  ·  6 days ago

Agreed! We are witnessing the birth of a revolution! Has anyone suggested that both the recent loss of Dan and the Whale experiments are volatility tests? Steem as a currency is holding. It was last night. Not just maintaining but confident. The confidence in the currency is correlated with the sphere of use and acceptance. The more people using this platform and it's other blockchain related services, the more valuable Steem becomes!Share! Use! Revolt!

  ·  6 days ago

Ah, but what do you think of Dash? I remember not buying any partly because of your scathing review. Now I wish I hadn't listened. Hahah.

  ·  6 days ago

Completely agree, nothing else to say!

Upvoted and resteemed!

  ·  6 days ago

I've said it since the beginning. We have a way to easily create money without burning through massive amounts of debt (legal tender) or massive amounts of electricity (bitcoin).

Steem is just better, plus the very thought you can post and be paid for it is just genius. There's enough money for all to be wealthy once we stop allowing banks to create and manipulate the supply. steemit puts so much power back in the hands of the people.

I love it.

  ·  6 days ago

You still owe a billboard ;)