STEEM STILL NEEDS YOUR HELP! We are in 2ND Place now - LET'S BEAT ETH! We can do this!

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Vote for Steem in the BTCC Twitter poll Semifinal and SHARE it - 14% more needed to catch up with ETH:

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Click the image to take you to the Tweet.

Why should I do this?

BTCC is one of the big Chinese exchanges - an addition to another big exchange like this will both raise awareness of Steem/Steemit and also help to increase volume and stabilise the price.

But I'm not on Twitter

Then make an account. Twitter is one of the best ways to spread the message about Steem/Steemit and to share your posts. Taking a couple of minutes to do this will help you and will help Steemit.

DON'T WAIT - Vote now, share the tweet and spread the message.

Know someone who is no longer active on Steemit?

Tell them about it.

There is no excuse for not doing it.


You don't want to disappoint Snuffles the kitten do you?

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done, posted, UV and RS ;-)

my pleasure, all for the growth and the benefit of this community ;-)

Unfortunately I only have one account.

NP as long as you have used it - if everyone voted with 1 account it would be more than enough to win. We are actually ahead of ETH now!

This is insane. If we get a kick from these guys then Steem is off to the moons of Jupiter

Yes I think so. Apparently most of the recent buzz is coming from the far east if we get on BTCC that will help build on it.

Yeap. We got some fat accounts from there as well.

I already voted yesterday.
If you check Doge in the previous poll result (poll #4) they got much more votes (around 7000) than any other coin. Doge is about to take the lead in the semifinal poll. I think it is possible to beat ETH but we need more firepower to win against Doge in the finals.

It is possible for us to get that many but let us at least get through the semi-final poll first.

You are right. First we need to get in the final 2 or final 4! :)

Chances are even if we win, Ethereum will be added because of its history for high volume of trading.

But it will show them the power of the Steem social network to co-ordinate action. And they may add us sooner than they otherwise would have. And of course it would be fantastic publicity.

I think if we win they would have to add us (or risk looking dishonest) but I think as you suggest they may add us anyway eventually if we have a good showing. Let's just make sure we get to no. 1 though!

NAVcoin won the Coinbase Twitter poll, but wasn't added. No company lets a poll like this be binding for business decisions.

Even BoatyMcBoatface only got used as the name for a submersible instead of the boat they were planning to name.

It would be a disaster for PR if they did that.

Was it a PR disaster for Coinbase? They only asked for suggestions.

This is different. Steem is much bigger than NAV and has a blogging platform attached that shows up pretty high in Google search rankings. Further I suspect that the Coinbase poll had some T&C attached which I haven't seen for this (though I may have missed them). Also Coinbase doesn't have a great reputation in the crypto community anyway.

I don't think there needs to be T&C. BTCC never said "We will add the winner".

We will have to disagree on this.

The publicity aspect is the most important part.

Just one place more.. come on lets be at #1.

Following you and voted from @malonmar!!!

Done. Go Steem!

Come on everyone, if you don't have Twitter, make one, let's show everyone the power of this community.

I rarely resteem non science articles, bit I think this sort of activity is extremely important, even if just from a community building standpoint. Showing we can all come together to accomplish something is a display of the strength of the community.

Yes it takes a few minutes so there is no excuse for not doing it.

And after all this we get crushed by Monero? Really?

Agreed. I find it difficult to believe. Real people's votes have a hard time competing with bot votes.

Yes I can believe that the ETH votes were genuine but the XMR votes came too fast to be real. Plus they would surge every time STEEM went up which looks even more suspicious. I hope we at least make a respectable second though even if we can't win.

Thanks for the reminder.

Reminders are important!

I have to keep fighting off the urge to vote more than once... I can resteem however!

Done my next reminder incl. #howto create a #twitter account post - we need to push that poll until it ends - without doubts the most important action for all steemians currently!

We might discuss a short-termed twitter strategy how to target / tag influencers that help us - anyone of us knows certain big guys there i am sure - get them to vote for Steem! Any idea / feedback @thecryptofiend

Not sure about strategy am currently experimenting with Twitter ads myself - it is really expensive though and sometimes it works but mostly it seems to have little effect with small amounts of money. If we all retweet and like important tweets then that should help.

Twitter ads are only successful when you target a very specific audience - same on LinkedIn - for social ads Facebook might still be the most promising - i know at least for leadGen - for now let us spread it everywhere and approach gurus in the space - would be cool to get #Steem to become trending on #twitter

Thank you my friend... You're a credit to the community!

We are leading - 44-36% Yeah - but still 2 days to go!

Hot off the press!

bobbyclee Bobby Lee tweeted @ 15 May 2017 - 16:28 UTC

.@YourBTCC The Battle of Digital Currencies! Which should @YourBTCC offer?
Semi-finals, poll 1 of 2: #Vote now and……

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