STEEM NEEDS YOUR HELP - We are still 2nd in the BTCC Poll - only 1 day left. Let's at least make it a race!

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We only have half the votes of XMR!

Let's at least make a good show of this even if we do come second.

Please spread the word and make sure everyone votes.

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Click the image to take you to the Tweet.

Why should I do this?

BTCC is one of the big Chinese exchanges - an addition to another big exchange like this will both raise awareness of Steem/Steemit and also help to increase volume and stabilise the price.

But I'm not on Twitter

Then make an account. Twitter is one of the best ways to spread the message about Steem/Steemit and to share your posts. Taking a couple of minutes to do this will help you and will help Steemit.

DON'T WAIT - Vote now, share the tweet and spread the message.

Know someone who is no longer active on Steemit?

Tell them about it.

There is no excuse for not doing it.


You don't want to disappoint Snuffles the kitten do you?

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voted steem bcz it helped me lot. Also resteemed on my blog

i'll do my best!!!
i' sure it's worth a million bucks!

Maybe one day. Let's get a stable $1 first!

steem and sbd are in the stabler than $1.00 tonight.

I marked your words and yes indeed, it is headed to a million bucks soon enough.

It is incredible that we are so close to achieving the objective, I must admit that this initiative was extarordinary, beyond the result, my humble opinion, we have already won, see so many post users of the community voting and republishing this information.
It was great to see all the community united in a common good, that is speaks very briefly our community.
Congratulations dear friend @thecryptofiend for this initiative
Have a blessed day

This community is impressive all around.

shared on all social media. Lets go Steemers. Lets take it to the mars.

Lets take it to Voyager 1 & 2!

I have already done. we are supporting STEEM and we will.

Welcome sir and i appreciate your great intention towards Steemit and STEEM.

While it may have not worked out exactly as planned, your initiative to promote steem has been a success!

Your work is paying off.

We still have a chance! We can do it!

Maybe not BTCC, but yes it is happening!

Btcc number one is the best.
Upvote and Resteem your post.
Good luck.!

How can monero have more votes than us?? Are so many people using it?? Or is monero maybe creating fake accounts to push that??

It is very suspicious. I suspect someone with a large investment has used bots or mechanical turk to do it.

Monero is pushing ahead to make their blockchain modern and efficient.... easy to say when hindsight is 20/20.

Yes - no excuse accepted - I have one question you might be able to answer @thecryptofiend - Will there be a final round of 4 so meaning the first w of our poll will qualify for the final poll?

Possibly but it depends on what they decide to do - maybe they will only choose two. Let's just do the best we can.

Yeah absolutely - resteemed

How do you get 77 upvotes in 14 minutes...??? @pocketechange

I have a lot of followers plus some are likely to be bots.

I didin't know bots could be here also... Thanks

bots can do anything you can do and sometimes better.

Excellent work! Thank you for sharing!

You're welcome. Thanks!

Let's do this! Still plenty of time to rally!

Eight months later and the rally is very alive.

bobbyclee Bobby Lee tweeted @ 15 May 2017 - 16:28 UTC

.@YourBTCC The Battle of Digital Currencies! Which should @YourBTCC offer?
Semi-finals, poll 1 of 2: #Vote now and……

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