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RE: Final Review of Steem Economic Changes

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Thanks. I'm 100% in favour of the changes. I think a serious platform needs to evolve in line with market and community needs.

That is why I have spent thousands of my own dollars in powering up (a lot of money for me) and why I will continue to support the platform.

I know that some people have suggested eliminating mining altogether but I feel that would be a mistake both perceptually and also in increasing centralisation.

The solution to one or two people dominating mining is not to remove it but to implement measures which make it more difficult for this to happen. Equihash should make it easier for regular people to compete in mining.

I would suggest that if Equihash becomes similarly compromised/dominated in the future (quite likely) we should look at changing again and keep evolving the mining to keep it fair and decentralised.

I would also suggest we need a simple mining solution to allow non technical people to get mining on Windows and OS X.

A 1-click miner for Windows/OS-X would be fantastic PR for Steemit and also allow new users to get involved and support the network in a different kind of way.

I would be happy to even contribute some of my own limited bitcoins/SD towards development of this. Sadly I don't have the technical skills to develop this myself but I know we have many people in the community who can.


We will no longer support windows due to limits on 3rd party libraries in use.

There must be some way around it though? I think this is an important issue as the vast majority of people will never use linux. It would be a mistake to exclude 90% plus of the users from mining. It simply does not look good from a marketing/PR perspective and gives more ammunition to the detractors.

Using docker or another virtual machine is an available workaround.

Someone could create a mining pool with a standalone miner.

Interesting - like a Minergate type setup?

That would be ideal.

I have a number of friends who were very non-technical and wouldn't even dare using regular miners (even on Windows) but they use their spare CPU/GPU time to mine using Minergate.

It makes it really easy for new users so something like that would be perfect.

Obviously the issue of centralisation comes up if there is a single pool doing it though.

Agreed. Something like Minergate would be great. It's so easy to get started mining on Windows with their software.

I was just thinking @Minergate should do this. Would be great.

You have got to be kidding.

Hello please tell me the huskies have a limit? how much can you put in a day? and if not difficult to you tell me how to climb with the help of likes ?

I agree, we must support Windows users as part of the mining activity. This will convey a mainstream (mainsteem) appeal and include more people into the overall front and backend of Steem/Steemit. Otherwise, the perception is this is a tech experiment on the fringe. The 'beta' moniker also reinforces this.

Yes perception and image is just as important as the substance behind the platform. We must not give the appearance of being exclusionary or elitist.

That is the exact appearance this change gives, because that is exactly what it is.

This change, (in addition to breaking every vesting\interest promise people invested for) removes any attempt to include windows miners. This makes it a purely developer and in-crowd project, mainly because the damn miner builds have never had:

  • Windows builds released at the same time as linux builds.
  • Correct and updated documentation released by the developers.
  • Properly configured default mining files by default (except user\pass obviously)

This change just ensures the linux developer in-crowd control the mining, just like every other change they make around here.

Another nail in the coffin. There are not room for many more.

Cry more, dirty windows users

Seems the steemwhales creator sold his account??

you should ask for a refund!

I've been mining Zcash on Windows for a few weeks now, easy to set up. Equihash is awesome. Great move switching to that algorithm.

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