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RE: Final Review of Steem Economic Changes

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Yes. You can already mine though - it is just unlikely you will get many blocks (compared to before) as one or two people are dominating the mining queue via means which we are not completely sure about. The hope is that switching to Equihash will remove any advantage that they have right now.


"you can still mine"...if I get the chance, which I probably won't.
so I can't mine
the new change will mean I'll get the chance.
so I will be able to mine?


Well it depends on what you mean though. See my comment above about having a windows/OS-X miner. If you can use linux you will be able to mine. It is inconvenient but it is not hard if you are familiar with mining and there are several guides on how to do it. The implementation of Equihash is only changing the mining algorithm NOT (as I understand it) the actual way that you go about setting it up which currently means linux either directly or via a virtual machine.

Yes I know that. That's not what I'm talking about though. For most people (particularly OS X users) they would never even get into using the terminal. In actual fact having tried it myself it is actually easier and quicker to do in linux than is on OS X due to missing and incompatible dependancies with more recent versions of the OS.

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