Cold Calling the Steem Blockchain to YouTubers!

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Today I was listening to some YouTube vids on business growth and sales as I sometimes do; this video started playing regarding Call Prospecting by Grant Cardone:

In his video he mentioned something along the lines that he doesn't have a favourite social media channel, he uses all of them; he said he posts daily on Medium and many others. but he did not list Steem, why would he, Steem isn't that well known and we don't exactly have a call centre with outbound sales people introducing Steem to the world like forex brokers do. Have you ever had those international number calls from forex companies? You know the ones, they can be annoying, but because of them I know that companies like HotForex exist, I even lost some money trading on it. :)

I came to Steem because an international friend of mine invited me; if he hadn't told me I would never have known Steem existed.

Anyway, back to the Cold Prospecting video... so when Grant Cardone said he "Likes them all the best!" referring to social media channels and listed the ones he uses, I thought why not ask him to try use Steem, I decided to write the below for fun:


At the time I didn't have a strategy, I was just being Cheeky, but when I stood back and took a holistic view of his blog and my comment, I saw this:


Grant Cardone has nearly 1.2 million subscribers, holy smoke! This particular video has also had 145K views and appears quite high up on the ranking on searches for cold calling tips. Just then I noticed my comment was now at the top and the last comment was a day ago, the video is quite old and likely won't get many new comments to overshadow mine, but still may get a lot of new views, my comment with the link to is going to get some free visibility for Steem for minimal effort.

I know @theycallmedan uses this strategy on Twitter, he's always tweeting Steem at people and exchanges so it appears in their feed.

If all of our 4000 active users make one comment about Steem on a YouTube video per day, in such a way that it ties in with the content of the video; that would greatly enhance the exposure of Steem outside of our community. Some may even go crazy and do 10, 20, 50 or 100 a day like the cold callers do 100 calls per day as mentioned in the video!

Just some food for thought, let me know what you think...

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Yeah, Grant is already on Steem... The whales may have to show him better support. Many years ago when i accidentally shot grant with a paint ball gun haha


Thank you for sharing this. I got to know about Steem because a friend of mine told me. I never took notice of it anywhere in the internet even when I was scouting for a platform to do freelance writing.

I see that one-on-one invitation makes a whole lot of meaning of we would get steem known everywhere. We have to influence our friendship ring in other social media platforms and offline as well.

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Yes I agree as well, we need to be proud of Steem again and get our families and friends using it, even that is better than the outreach we have now.

That's a great idea. However, people find steem to be very difficult to understand and leave it soon after giving it a try.

Yes Steem is a bit hard, I think reducing to one currency might help, Steem Dollars makes it very complex.

Steem has its downside, I know we can't directly call it the out and out social media because it really isn't but well we're working on that aspect really.

Everything has its downside, we just need to push the upside. has an awesome UI if people don’t like

Even the best UI, we have what it takes to really compete at the topmost level but I guess it takes a lot of work yeah

It’s not only the product, it’s the marketing and the customer support (retention). Every good author needs to be welcomed with a red carpet and a relationship manager appointed to look after them perpetually. There should be like one user experience manager hired per 500 ppl let’s say to provide support and advice to new bloggers.

I exactly share your views, I was arguing with someone sometimes ago and they say welcoming every good author with a red carpet reception isn't the priority and I see how lost she was, the system isn't built up to do this and like you said marketing is essential it provides a sort of awareness at a bigger stage

The new Rolls Royce wants it's owner to feel the red carpet effect all the time, hence it added an under carriage red light to simulate the red carpet, if Rolls Royce thinks that's the way to a consumers' heart we should take heed.

That example there is definitely top notch but the way I'm seeing steem it's like the mentality is that users should be worthy of Steem and not otherwise I think the effect slows mass adoption and we better start thinking of the users satisfaction

Exactly, user welcome and continuous satisfaction and account management.

Came here to say hes already on Steem, but see that has already been discussed.

Interesting conversation though on whether or not to support established creators that just recycle content on Steem or lesser known people that are producing great content.

Not to say we shouldnt support both, but just something interesting that has been brought up.

Very cool discussion for sure, as with life a healthy balance is always good, don’t see why not both, each have benefits to Steem.

Hey! Off topic, but thanks for the SP leases lately :)
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Sure no problem, just doing my duty as market maker on dlease. Thanks for the decent APR. :)

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As you say, I came to Steemit on a recommendation from an acquaintance in another network, although in my case the reason I used my social networks was to share content for my classes.

When I arrived here I thought of using the site more as a personal blog and sharing different things that would catch my attention and like me. Something that was wrong was to withdraw and change in other cryptocurrencies at the beginning, then I understood a little better that this project needs the support of its users and also that it was fun to have more resources available to comment and create new posts too.

You are right that I have not seen much publicity of this network on YouTube, nor on instagram, although I believe that I have seen some twitter accounts that promote the benefits of STEEM. I think that your proposal to develop a campaign to disseminate and publicize the network is good, maybe it could be a bit different, so it could be good if a group were formed or coordinated to make your idea come true.

That is correct, Steem has very little brand recognition outside of its own community, there is a subreddit and a few active Steemians on twitter but that is about it. I think there needs to be more focus on marketing rather than power user tools. The nuts and bolts are there, we just need more people to come and for Steem to become widespread.

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@thecryptodrive, There is no doubt that Centralised Platforms and System uses different ways to boost their Product and Economy.

Steem is gradually maturing and many don't know about it that's why yet we are not reaching to the point from where we can call as, Now This Called Mass Adoption. And due to Decentralised Structure funding aspect is very low. But Decentralisation is good because here whoever is coming most of them are creating opportunities or consuming opportunities, Production and Consumption is going on, on small scale but effectively.

Many people talked about the solutions for the Third World Countries. Platform like Steem with Decentralised Structure giving that opportunity to Third World Countries so it's a great solution for this world and in my opinion it will prove in coming years.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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I agree Steem is a great solution, however it is not well known and the act of discussing Steem openly on other mediums is a good strategy to improve awareness and may Steem a household name, ofc it has to be done tactfully and worked into the context being discussed.

That's true.

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If we don't DECENTRALIZE - Blockchain won't become decentralized. If we don't ACTUALLY onboard new users... how are we gonna have users on board?

Work must be done! Manually...

You mentioned that Steemit has 4000 active users.

Is there an easy place to view this information? I’m trying to build a list of likeminded accounts that actually post on here, so a site that filters out the dead accounts would be awesome.

Hi, there was a dev that reported something like 4000 daily active users but not the individual account names, speak with @arcange he runs SteemSql you could possibly do a SQL query to extract that data from the blockchain.

Hi @thecryptodrive

I think it's a great idea, if to make steemit known, on all the platforms that you can.

The times I make a publication I also do it on twitter, until now no one has approached me on that platform asking something. but when I teach at the university I think I reach many more people. and always from a class where an average of 25 students attend each semester in a single section there are 2 or 3 who are interested.

Of course 2 or three is nothing compared to the scope of the on your YouTube channel