STEEM has an own article on now!

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After I discovered that the STEEM blockchain has no own article on Wikipedia a few days ago, I have just created an english article: STEEM - Wikipedia

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Thank you @theycallmedan, @singhcapital, @reggaemuffin and all the others who supported my original article and helped to draw attention to this topic. I also want to thank @vikisecrets and @lauch3d for their recent articles that helped me tremendously in the process of creating the Wikipedia entry.

Now all we can do is to hope that the article stays up and doesn't get taken down again as @followbtcnews reported from past attemps to get STEEM on there. It would of course help if as many of you as possible would proofread the article and come up with possible corrections and additions! Just comment your suggestions and corrections under this post, I can edit it on Wikipedia then!


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I've done some correction of spelling and grammatical errors and included more information re Steem DApps. Screen Shot 20190313 at 15.12.14.png

Great work! Amazing that we didn't have this already.
You should include more information on Steem DApps and the fact that they can be programmed with the easy to use and very common JavaScript instead of the more difficult C++ and Solidity required for DApp development on other blockchains. JS developers are much cheaper and more available.

I would encourage everyone to get on wikipedia and undo anti-steem edits by people like Viewmont Viking. We have the numbers to create a great Steem page.

Remember to thanks other people making positive contributions on the Wikipedia page.

Good job! Thanks for taking the time to get this up. I added @steempress to the list of dApps. I think the reference numbers on quite a few of them are off though.


Good idea, a connection to Wordpress might sound important! The reference numbers are not correct in the references list, the references themselves are. Need to look into it later ;)

Power to you!!! I tired to do this back at the end of last year, and got blackballed by the editors of wikipedia who just could not be made to understand that Steem and Steemit were different things! I ended up getting banned for a while because of it. (The mods don't like be questioned...) You can see my previous efforts if you look in the history of the Steem page currently up. However, I did upload the exact same article to Infogalactic, so my previous efforts can still be seen there.

I hope Wikipedia keeps your article up, as it is vitally important people have accurate information about the Steem blockchain. Now, what needs to be done next is the Steemit article needs to be edited to reflect the accurate information of the Steem article. This is also someI tried to do, but got nowhere with the mods at the time.


Its just about numbers. If we get 20 Steemians making edits and blocking negative edits, we will overwhelm any opposition.


Very important we overload the ignorance about steem and steemit being the same thing, and HOPFULLY we can KEEP the steem page seperate from being dumped into the steemit page, by creating enough updates and positive ediots and additions to the steem blockchain which CANNOt be said about steemit and Onlythen will people start rto REALIZE just how different the two things are.... non technical peopel can still look at a stack of paperwork and realize these two things are very different even if the names look similar, like if someone were to put bitcoin and bitcoin cash into the same page that would be pretty infuriating.

Agaoin I think the STEEM wikipedia page really REALLy needs to have a LOt of details added

Great job, now hope that it is not taken down again. We have to defend it and keep improving it :)


Keeping the Steem page up and full of good content on Wikipedia is up to us Steemians.
Wikipedia is open source so it’s just about lots of Steemians editing and defending the page against anti-Steem edits.
If someone deletes large sections that are relevant and well sourced just undo their changes and explain why.

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That's what I'm talking about. Finally getting the recognition we deserve!


Goku Pumping Steem by @web-gnar commissioned by @ackza and @surfyogi PRE @artzone

well done. Your diverse sources should fix the problem. If its taken down again (which I don´t hope) maybe a balanced "criticism" section with for example the rankings you mentioned(in fact, it is a critique, even though positive one) helps to make clear our standpoint.

other "negative" criticism is

"Chohan 2018 argues that the concentration of initial wealth could lead to a concentration of Steem Power and thus to accountability asymmetries and the monopolization of power, which would undermine the original cryptoanarchist vision of platforms like Steemit.

Thewall 2017 conducted a study where he showed that longer, more positive comments with personal information get a higher financial reward than more informational articles and concludes that interpersonal communication rather than quality content provision has driven the reward distribution so far."

but lets hope they take it as it is


There is no central control of Wikipedia. It’s just up to lots of us to undo any wrongful deletion

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I can't believe it wasn't already on there!

It's about time

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By the way, could someone with some Wiki skills perhaps add as a source to the following sentence:

Steem is amongst the five blockchains with the highest activities.

I'm pretty sure statements like this need a source to back it up on Wikipedia.


Did I not do that? Was definitely planned. Gotta check it

EDIT: Done now, thanks for the hint!

Love wiki …. love steem. Well done.

Ziemlich cool! Danke für deinen Einsatz 👍

anytime there is a poll or a vote for something the steem community comes together to get things done!!

As a community let’s build this page strong and keep tackling every next step to grow this blockchain into communities all over the world

Servus Martin,

du hast eine für unsere Gemeinschaft sehr wertvolle Initiative ergriffen und ich hoffe, dass sie erfolgreich verläuft, d.h. dass wir den Löschkrieg gewinnen und der Artikel im Wiki stehenbleibt.

Herzlichen Dank und

It is pretty cool to help the world out there to discover Steem on Wikipedia. :)

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Nicely described man, finally someone made it happen. I like the way you wrote it as it seems easy to understand, especially when it comes to differentiate steem from steemit.
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That’s great news! Fingers crossed it stays up longer than the other attempts! 🤞

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Excellent work! Hopefully the article will stay and gain traction, so that when people search "Steem" the first Wikipedia article showing up is in fact the one about Steem instead of Steemit as is the case right now.

That looks great! Good job. The article seem to have a pretty good source list for all the claims, so hopefully it won't be removed this time.

You da man ! Thanks so much, Awesome

Hey @theaustrianguy, should I translate your article and put it on ? Or is it okay if I leave the one I already did? Soon I will try to add more things to this article

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This is amazing @theaustrianguy... I am surprised it wasn't on Wikipedia initially. However, can we also create a page for Ned Scott? I noticed Dan Larimer has one already. I believe that will increase the trust people have in STEEM.

Great work!!! Ned doesn't have a Wiki Page?

Maybe I should try to write a Chinese article on, Which is the biggest Wiki In China.

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Great job making this happen as soon as you realized it needed to happen.

I recommend using updated logos from

The cynic in me says that Wikipedia will shut it down because it doesn't like anything it doesn't create itself. The optimist in me wants it to stay up, because it'd be real easy to link to it.

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amazing work buddy resteemed and upvoted

thats a great news