Im ersten Moment dachte ich wirklich, ... erst zwei Jahre treibt sich dieser Österreicher hier herum und war wirklich überrascht, glaubte ich doch dieser @theaustrianguy wäre ein ganz alter Hase im Steemit Zirkus.
Es ist ja schließlich nicht zu leugnen das Du mit all den Gebrauchsanleitungen darüber wie dieses sonderbare Steemit Ding hier funktioniert, ganz sicher nicht nur mir eine große Hilfe warst um mich zurechtzufinden und dafür möchte ich dir heute zu Deinem Jubiläum danken und natürlich auch beglückwünschen. 😎

moin moin
habe alle deine Beiträge der deutschen Video Tutorialserie gesehen,sie haben mir sehr geholfen ein großes danke schön dafür :-)

wenn es deine Zeit erlaubt, würde ich mich freuen, dass selbe für D-Tube und den neuen DTC zu tun

Ein Tutorial über DTube 0.9 wäre tatsächlich eine gute Idee.
Irgendwie finde ich DTube momentan sehr verwirrend.

Hey!! Vielen Dank für den schönen Beitrag! Du bist einer der Gründe warum ich hier gelandet bin und ich bin froh darüber, dass du einfach so ein positiver Mensch bist! 🙂 Da macht es hier gleich viel mehr Spaß 🙂

Toller Post!

So wie es mir scheint machst du alles richtig :)

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You have a great post here and I enjoyed reading it. They should make some sort of D app for measuring your steam Happiness as You posted above.. You're steem score. Lol

Personally I missed that initial Bull Run and have invested funds into this platform. I see it both as a fun outlet and as a way to make some side money.
Beyond that this platform has a lot of potential. We just need one or two big developers to jump on and then it's Off to the Races.

Thank you for the positivity. Look forward to reading another post from you soon

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It surely has been a long road mate. Not everyone has made it here, some have left, but you still remain. Keep up the awesome work pal. Hopefully this is going to be one of many more years on Stee,it. Regards!

congrats on your second year steemit-versary ! :D you have a lot of positivity and you bring so much great contents to the platform <3 and i love that you have such passion for curation and community building, also :)

Looking forward to keep seeing you being awesome, @theaustrianguy !

congrats on your second year! I just passed mine last week as well as did @m31. Seems like quite a few of us joined around the same time

This is the attitude that people need to have here. Being here because you enjoy it and not solely to earn $10 bucks a week. Post what you like and have fun while doing it. Add value back and it will get returned over time and don't worry about the price, worry about the value of the site and what you are adding to that.

It's too hot here to make a long typwritting, so my blue guy will resume my thought on your post @theaustrianguy : kro5v5agy9.png

that other one will celebrate you 😃 2t57ix8v77.png

and my garden gnome @luigithegnome will resteem the post 6o6bejoc8o.png

...oh my..isn't that refreshing to have these fancy people doing all the work for you, barbara ? 6impffaua4.png (even delegating the, this is the top of laziness...)

Great post - a joy to read :-) We all do 'our thing' on the blockchain and it's very interesting to reflect on them from time to time - and it's super insightful for others to read as it's information we normally don't get to read about a person on Steem. My post got a lof of positive feedback when I wrote it, hope the same goes for yours!

It seems like you're spreading positivity around in your own smaller and bigger ways, which is awesome - the ripple effect of doing this is huge. You were the one to comment on my #introduceyourself post back then and it's funny how I still remember that :D

For me it's nice to see that circle 'closing' because now by writing a post that inspired you to write a post yourself.

Steem is awesome like that <3

Hope to see you around here in another 2 years as well! :-)

Cool post man! Unfortunately I missed the voting window. Interesting to read about your experiences on this project. In my opinion you're doing a good job here as a creator, curator and investor.
Happy birthday! :)

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