Steemit In The News - Merkle Hash Talks About SMT Tokens.

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The Merkle Hash posted a very positive article about Steemit and SMT tokens.

Steemit Announces its Smart Media Tokens Testnet Launch » The Merkle Hash

Taken from the article:
The name Smart Media Tokens seems to hint at how this venture will work exactly. It is a new digital asset that resides on the Steem blockchain. The ultimate goal is to allow anyone in the world to launch this asset and use it to either create incentives or monetize their content. This venture is very different from ERC20 tokens, as the distribution reward system is tailored toward digital content businesses. That in itself shows this new approach is designed with a long-term vision in mind.

Press Release:

Steemit's Smart Media Tokens Live on Testnet -

Good to see some positive news on this platform. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds. It's pretty exciting watching this platform grow from close to the start. Onwards and upwards!

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The great thing about STEEM is we get to watch it grow step by step from the inside. Read the posts, see the developments and live all of the drama along the way. If it does become what we believe it could be at some stage down the road it will be cool to have seen it grow from a blogging site.

Absolutely. We are the pioneers of the new age of social networking. This is uncharted territory and groundbreaking tech for sure!