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RE: [en/kr] China's "" block and its Impact ( Includes access statistics by country) / 중국의 스팀잇 차단 및 그 영향(+국가별 접속통계 포함)

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My country doesn't even show up on those stats... I really need to start bringing more people here...

China can try to ban whatever they want, in the end we only need to make another way to access the blockchain that china can use! if not then busy or esteem, there are so many different ways of accessing and posting on the blockchain that china will never be able to stop this!!

I wonder why Nigeria and Ireland curate so much... It must have some social-psychology factor that influences both of those countries in curating so much... Maybe Irish people are drunk curating ahahah, gotta try doing that too...


Nice to meet you. Steemian of beautiful country (Portugal)!

In China, if you are an existing user, you can find another bypass route. However, it will be very uncomfortable for most new users. Chinese society is a society that is difficult to understand from a global perspective. Given their international contribution, calling them G2 is a very overrated one.

The situation in Nigeria and Ireland is somewhat surprising, as curation is largely stagnant. They will not upvote with drunkenness. :) But I also like "drinking songs" like "Whiskey in the Jar" in Ireland. Would you like to hear it? Even this song was so exciting that it was used as a song of the Northern Army in the American Civil War, and "Metalica" remake it.

*Whiskey in the jar

*When Johnny comes marching home

The only whiskey in the jar I know is the Metallica version! I love that song! It's a Metallica's impossible not to love!

From everything I've seen, china is going to be a powerhouse in some years, surpassing the USA and all the other countries! China has a really good eye for business and innovation... they might be restricting the use of steemit but they already have a solution up and running called ONO if I'm not mistaken, I haven't used it very much but from what i understand it's also a social network that runs on top of a blockchain, my problem with it is that it requires KYC...

Sooner or later I'll visit china! To see if all the FUD is true or not...

Thank you for your good opinion.

I have visited China more than 10 times on business. Also, because South Korea is close to China, we hear a lot of news from time to time.

Since foreigners are not under control, if you look at big cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen and Macao, you may feel that China's appearance is very prosperous and as large as their population. Moreover, Hong Kong is a city nurtured by Britain, but now it is China and it is a global city.

However, SNS is especially censored because it is under a long-term dictatorship by the Communist Party. China's president is currently under no fixed term. The Chinese people do not have the right to vote. Also, large rural areas in China still need a lot of development. (Even in Hong Kong, of course, control has intensified since it was returned, and the previous free atmosphere has greatly decreased.)

It's true that Some products in China are of better quality than low price. It wasn't like that in the past. China's GDP has become G2. But the GDP of each of the Chinese people is not so good, and in general it's still poor.

First of all, China still has a very low contribution to the world today, although they have developed easily under the "most favored nation" status they have received in the past. In order to strengthen their communist regime, they are still carrying out a strategy of destitution to neighbor countries and preventing the expansion of liberal democracy.

This is my opinion. Check for yourself.

Yup. Drunk slamming on the like button. Very fun.

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