Blockchain Games! What The Future Holds!

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CryptoGames! The future of the Gaming Industry!

Since I joined this crypto world I've been hearing a lot about blockchain-based games!

CryptoKitties on ETH opened the door to a wide range of blockchain based games! The revolution is just starting! In a span of 1-2 years, we already have awesome games like @drugwars, @steemmonsters, @eosknights, CryptoZombies, My Crypto Heroes and HyperDragons!

All of these games come from non-financed developers! Most of these games were done as a hobby! Imagine what a team of professionals could do with the right funds! Imagine if EA, Ubisoft, ArenaNet, Blizzard, etc... came to the blockchain space and actually created a blockchain-based game with a good amount of funding! The possibilities!

Fusing blockchain with games will allow new markets to open up! A market where you actually own pieces of the game! Imagine, you kill an NPC(non-player-character) and the item that drops is a legendary unique sword! A sword that only 50 exist with a weekly increase of 1! The rarity and the demand for that sword would be huge! And it was actually yours! You could sell it for STEEM for example, and get money for it!

Or even better! Imagine if you could own parts of the land and rent those parts to other players or groups! You could actually earn passive income just by renting pieces of digital game land! Just like you would do in real life! Digital-Landlords?!

Do you think this is way too far fetched?! It isn't! It already happened some years ago! Before blockchain was around! In a game called Entropia!

Entropia Universe is a massively multiplayer online virtual universe! Where people can buy and own land, they can build on their land whatever they want and earn money off of it! Let me give you a real example! Neverdie was an Entropia Universe player that bought a space station, he built a casino and shopping on that station and changed the name of the station to Club Neverdie! Each time someone made a purchase on that station he would gain a little amount of money in fees! When the game was massively played he was making 200.000$ per year! Just for owning that station! And is just one example from many just in the Entropia Universe! Watch thisyoutube clip to see the top examples!

All of this happened before blockchain, in 2003! Before this whole revolution started! With blockchain, this whole digital game market would become a lot easier and more fluid! Instead of using game-illegal shady third-party websites to trade we would be using cryptos and smart contracts! We would have a digital exchange just for game-items! We would be getting passive crypto income out of renting a space station in the game! Or maybe renting a legendary sword!

Being a non-pro gamer could actually become a job! Where people farmed for items and sold those items for crypto! Just like those WoW Chinese farmers did some years back!

For the people that can't remember or don't know, when World of Warcraft first came out there were hundreds of Chinese farmers that did the same exact thing day in and day out just to farm gold! That gold would then be sold for actual cash via a third party website! It was against the rules of the game but it was very profitable!

Brock Pierce, one of the most widely known crypto enthusiasts and EOS-enthusiast started his entrepreneur career in this space! He created Internet Gaming Entertainment (IGE), a company that paid in-game farmers to farm items that would, in the end, be sold for real-life cash! This company was then later sold to another crypto enthusiast, early miner, and COO of the crypto WAX Jonathan Yantis!

At this moment in time, it's calculated that billions of dollars are traded in in-game items markets per year! Imagine what will happen when blockchain makes this whole market more fluid! Imagine all of this money flowing into the crypto market! The use-cases that we will get! Imagine owning planets, countries, ships, houses, cars, armies in-game! Imagine being paid for helping someone in Dark Souls! Imagine renting your planet to an evil Space Galactic Corporation that is fighting an Alien Federation of United-planets! Imagine getting paid by the alien federation to "evict" the Space Galactic Corporation from your planet!

Of course, these "rents" would have to have a smart contract associated with them, in that Smart contract they could have a prevent "eviction" mechanism or at least have an X number of days warning period before the eviction actually happens! You would be a true digital-landlord!

It will be a revolution! It will bring lots of use cases! It will create jobs and markets! It will make the whole financial gaming system better! It will make games more enjoyable! More treacherous but also more fun!

Imagine players actually entering guilds and corporations, going up the guild ladder, helping out the members and getting rewarded for doing this! Or maybe they are going up the ladder to find out where the "deed" to the Guild's Castle is... in order to steal it! Or maybe to find out who the true owner of the castle is! In order to blackmail or coherence him to betray the guild!

The possibilities of blockchain based-games are endless! People that don't understand how great it will be to own a piece of digital data won't understand this! Steemmonster? DrugWars? Those are both great games, but the true power of blockchain based games is vastly superior to that!

One of the main reasons I changed degree from Veterinary Medicine to computer science is, among other things, because I want to build blockchain-based games! I know that this will be the future of gaming! We will finally have some sort of evolution in the gaming industry! We haven't had any in years! The only "evolution" we had in the last couple of years in the gaming industry is the stupid MOBAs and the damn Battle-Royales... Which I'm freaking tired of!

We already have some good smart and hardworking developers joining the space, I would advise anyone to go look at @edicted blog about drugwars and how they could make the whole battle system better!! And this is only the beggining, when the development of games starts to shift from the old system to the new system that is when this whole space will get crazy!

Just wanted to end by saying that, in my opinion, we got some gaming cryptos that we should pay attention to:

  • Enjin - Known for creating forums for almost every game around, it already has a huge userbase that can shill their crypto, also has a Minecraft plug-in and is working on a ARK plugin!

  • EOS - Activision Alums Raise $16 Million to Build EOS-Focused Blockchain Game Studio!

  • STEEM - Of course! We lack development and dapps, but we have something that is probably the best weapon in the armory for blockchain based-games! A freaking strong crypto community that adopts and uses every game! Marketing inside the crypto space! Enjin has the userbase but they aren't crypto-users! We are... One single shill from the top authors of STEEM and a game is pushed in a few hours to the top of most used dapps!

I'll also keep an eye on ETH, NAGA and just found out about WAX because of this post, so I'll have to do my own research about it...

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Question of the day: What do you see for the future of blockchain-base games? Any good ideas?

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Man, so much exclamation marks :D

Btw i like the crypto-games :) And if yu want a good idea, come to DLUX ( @dlux-io), and build your games in 3D ;)


I dont' know why I use exclamation marks so much, It's just my way of writing, I'm going to try and tone it down xD

Going to look up, first time hearing about, might be something good to see, especially since it is 3D, we really need to increase the number of dimensions blockchain games are played in xD


No problem the lot of ex marks, im just mention it :D I dont remember, you loved those or you are just exciting now :D


We just put out our first WYSIWYG VR editor... we can support nearly any kind of game or interaction. Join us on discord!


Dlux is really cool. All they need is some game and app developer(s) who knows what he/she is doing to come on board and drop something as amazing as GTA. Heck, even a simple asphalt-looking game where users can race others would be massive. Dlux is a winner. It just needs the right attention.

Enjin coin could be a good one, I saw the games they are capable of running.. and boy did they look good!!

Superb post!


Yeah, I've been looking at Enjin for a while, the team, the community, it sounds and looks superb, in the end we will have cross-chain smartcontracts, so we won't be using just one blockchain! We also will have DEXs and normal exchanges, so we won't be stuck to one single currency, if 10 games run on EOS and 10 run on ENJ(eth token last time I checked) we can alway sell the EOS tat we get for ENJ and vice-versa! ENJ is actually going to have the renting system that I talked about! I really want to see where that goes and how it's going to be used by players!

Thanks for reading! Come back anytime :)

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Great take man, crypto gaming would be really awesome when big game developers come in. I am not sure if they'd like to build on an existing platform or they'll just develop their own blockchains. Afterall, Companies like EA, Ubisoft and Sony have really strong branding presence around the globe. Their adoption of cryptocurrencies would be a very big green light.

Talking about Eos Knights, I think it was built using Unity games engine. Im not so much in love with the game but I realize it's a really good start. Here's to the future, man. Cheers!


It really depends on what they will use the blockchain for, but I think they would use pre-existing blockchains:

  1. EOS, NULS, ETH, ADA, NEO,etc... already have communities around them
  2. They would have to pay extra devs to actually build the blockchain, update it etc...
  3. The blockchains(EOS, ETH,etc...) are already decentralized, isn't the whole point of this not to trust big companies? EOS for example can run side-chains, customizable ones, NULS can too... I think EA, Ubisoft and Sony would rather create side-chains in the EOS ecosystem, or the ETH ecosystem, instead of starting their own chain from scratch... How would they decentralize the whole thing? And if they didn't decentralize it, the company would be the owner of the blockchain and they would be able to freeze ur funds and do whatever they wanted!

I think they will use pre-existing blockchains to create side-chains, and even if they didn't and created their own blockchain from scratch... there is a thing called cross-chain smart contracts ( I think these will solve this problem, but I still need to do more research so I won't get much into it here, might write a post about it though...)

Started playing EOSknights, I like the game... it could be better, and the market looks a little dead, but I still need to play more to really do my review of it, atm the problems that I find are: The time it takes to confirm something, dead market, node lag, needs better optimazition for the chrome browser.


I agree, it will be more economical to run side chains than a new chain from scratch. These companies might not want to make it decentralized completely, and that would be fine. as long the game works well and users can earn real tokens that can be converted to cash, the company can own a large amount of their tokens.

I also noticed all of those problems on eos knights too. seems blockchain games are hot for the first few months they came out and everything slowly dies off eventually, especially when new features aren't being added and people get tired of speculating. lol


These companies might not want to make it decentralized completely

That's why I like EOS so much, they aren't decentralized, they are semi-decentralized, they can still freeze accounts if a big consensus happens, they can restore wallets and even revert some wallets, is this a good thing or a bad thing? It really depends, but I think that, for big companies, it's a really good thing, if they got hacked they could freeze the hacked wallets immediately, if they lost their password they could recover them easily, semi-decentralization is good for large companies, full-decentralization is hard to adopt around the world, we got way too much "unintelligent" people in this world that don't know how to properly follow safe procedures to keep their funds secure

I still need to check a higher lvl of EOSKnights, maybe the market is only dead this early in the game... I'm still lvl 4 and can't get past floor 4 xD


LOL. Must try harder.

Spot ON! Indeed we are on the edge of game revolution using blockchain. There is so much coming up... the current running ones are just test cases for the already planning ahead “real” game Industry. There’s basically a new market segment for game developers. An amazing future.

The things I envision coming hard to Blockchain tech are all the turn-based games and anything that relies on non real time or near real time requirements.

Although this does not mean real time games have no future in the blockchain area. It’s just going to come later...

I diving into all the games... it’s basically a free game world and even gets you free money (most cases). So yes... tons of future.

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Non real-time games are easier to make on the current blockchains, we can't do real-time games since we still lack the speed in most blockchains, we could, however, run the normal real-time game on a centralized structure and use the decentralized structure for the market and items..

I think that Not every action in a game needs to be in a blockchain, just the important stuff like, what house do I own, what item is in my bag, what am I selling on the market, etc... I might do a post about this later on, I still lack the knowledge to have a good opinion about this.


Exactly, the technology is not to be used by necessarily everyone or everything. That’s why I commented about real-time games. It will come later because of some advantages it still brings. Like login time stamps and others, save games... etc. anything that needs time and has huge dependence on it can benefit from blockchain.

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I agree that blockchain games are the future. Also blockchain forums are the future. That's one of the reasons I recently applied to pre-register powered by @buildteam.