Steemit censors those who criticise it

in #steem7 months ago

Steem users should know that Steemit is actively censoring anyone who dares to point out any issues with the platform. If you go to the account of @steevc, @themarkymark, @pfunk and many previous witnesses you will see no posts or comments even though they may have had thousands. Unfortunately this affects Steempeak too. @steevc has written about this on H5ve (mentioning the 'other place' can get you the wrong sort of attention) where such censorship does not exist. Note that downvoting is not the same thing at all.

So if you are a fan of freedom then I suggest you sell you Steem whilst it still has some value and go elsewhere. In any case the Steem rewards are mostly going to those who do their utmost to milk the system with no interest in community. Critics risk being downvoted to nothing by Steemit's attack dogs.

The @tenkminnows account is no longer voting for anyone, but is supporting small accounts on the other blockchain. See you there. If you had a Steem account before the fork then you have one there too with the same amount of tokens, unless you were a supporter of the coup.

Live and die free.