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Last month we helped to add over 300 new minnows to the Steem community by helping people build their accounts up. We have a few more who are getting close and we want to keep pushing to get many more to minnow status.


Here are a selection who need some help and are doing good posts:

  • @todayslight is a musician and songwriter who just started on Steem.
  • @ultravioletmag is a talented artist and photographer who has been on Steem for a while, but is still pretty small (SP wise).
  • @curatorcat has lots of cat content as you might expect, but they are supporting others too. They ought to be a minnow soon.
  • @stealthywolfxli is a gamer who just joined Steem. He's posting about what he does elsewhere, but could be encouraged to be more of a part of Steem. He should try some of the games on this platform.
  • @skramatters is over half way to minnow and posting on a variety of topics.
  • @wildhomesteading is all about growing your own food. Earning Steem by being self-sufficient sounds like a route to a good life.
  • @kansuze seems to travel around a lot posting pictures of where she goes.

Potential minnows stand to gain from initiatives run by the following great Steemians:

  • @paulag runs the Redfish Power UP League, has a course on Steem (that could gain you a delegation) and just created a community directory.
  • @hitmeasap has the Minnow-ASAP project that you can join to get support.
  • @galenkp is offering a delegation to some lucky redfish.

Look out for contests and giveaways to keep building your Steem.

Thanks to @steevc for kicking this off. He is offering to create accounts for people who want to get onto Steem. This can be done quicker than via Steemit and he offers a better initial delegation. This is aimed at people who create good content elsewhere and can be an asset to Steem. DM him on Twitter or on Discord.

Let us make Steem great!

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Thank you for the shoutout, and the support! I really appreciate the extra attention, which is definitely helping me edge closer to the 500SP mark.


Dropped some votes on nearly all the above. Some can write well too!

Thanks for all your help!
I'm a minnow now too!=D

That's great to hear! Keep on building

Thank you for the call out! :) Really appreciate what you all are doing to help people become minnows!

Great , let's grow

Hope this helps 👍


Many thanks for that. We will use it well

Keep up the momentum!

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