These carnivorous plants are doing great.

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Hello everyone it's teenagecrypto and today I will be giving you all a update on my carnivorous plants and a review on what I think about them.

  • Venus flytrap

I purchased this item at Walmart for roughly 5$ each plant. Not bad but I had to find a plant with healthy heads. I managed to find 2 of them that seemed nice. I went home and watched several videos on taking care of them and about a few weeks later they look amazing. And they caught some bugs by themselves. Of course I fed several of them early in the beginning because it's fun watching them eat things. Here is the new and improved flytrap with the flower still growing: 0mqw2h.jpg

  • Sundew

I bought this plant online because it is a different type of carnivorous plant that looked interesting to me and had a nice look. It has only caught one bug by itself so far but it never needs to be fed really. The plant itself is about the size of two quarters. So it never gets big unless I had a different type of sundew. Here is the new look now: 95i4w6.jpg

  • Pitcher plant

I purchased this at lowes for 10$ and it came with a venus flytrap and a pitcher plant called a sarrencia i think. Instead of the pitcher hanging from the plant it stands straight up. The plants where dormant at first but than 2 weeks later 3 tiny venus flytraps popped up and one pitcher which just opened up yesterday. I hope to see the pitcher plant in action once day. Here is it in its natural glory. 0pvxg6.jpg

I tried to get the best possible pictures I could of the plants so forgive me if it's blurry. Also for those who use hivelist and want to earn some tokens all you need to do is comment below and I'll upvote it.

Thanks for reading

Yours truly,teenagecrypto