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Happy and blessed Sunday Friends of Steemit.@TeamMoney It gives you the opportunity to get your custom design, only for a cost of $5. You just have to get in touch with us. I hope you like today's design

In this space you can count on digital portraits, that can be used in different profiles of social networks, background images and soon emoji custom that can be used in this platform as in other networks Social. If it is the first time you see a publication on our part I invite you to follow us and share this adventure of color.


The present day presents the work done to a friend, in which you can detail many extraordinary colors, a skin cinnamon, cheekbones very marked, a makeup with colors but simple earth, big eyes black, sexy and fleshy lips red , black hair and a background depicted by the mix of pink, green and yellow. A very colorful and personalized design.


Today's design has as a source a photograph provided by the same girl @mariadelosangeles


In advance we thank you for taking some of your time to see this publication. @TEAMMONEY invites you to live the experience of having your own digitalized profile design and also to join this color-filled space. If you are interested in any of our personalized services you can contact us through:

❶DISCORD: teammoney

❷E-MAIL: [email protected]

Y de forma mas instantánea

❸ PHONE: +58 414-793-1860


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