Icon Font for Steem (Update)

in #steem7 years ago

Hi all
I updated Steem Icon Font, something fixed and added a new icons, I think in the future will add more icons, according to your wishes
You can use for any purpose, including commercial use.
Enjoy, all will be STEEM :)

example: A, B, C, ..... Z; a,b,...d; 0,1..9
Download: https://mega.nz/#!Q4sAzAyC!coCknf4frE3ZBgqN1k9YKL-UeOSF59PqbKJvUFktT7Y


is one expected to create an account at mega.nz before downloading the file?

Mega link seems to be dead, any chance of reuploading? Would love to use this icon set!

me 2

Oh no! Is it still available @team

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