Ned Scott and Mary Ruwart on the Tatiana Show with Josh Scigala

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Tatiana and Josh interview Ned Scott of Steemit & Dr. Mary J. Ruwart.

Topics of discussion include the presidential race, libertarians making a difference, Left-wing politics, Steemit and incentivized posts.

Ned has invested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain development for over three years. Prior to founding Steemit, he worked as an Analyst at the Gellert Global Group.

Dr. Ruwart serves as Chair of the International Society for Individual Liberty and Secretary of the Foundation for a Free Society. She has been an At-Large member of the Libertarian National Committee, served on the Board of both the Heartland Institute and the Fully Informed Jury Amendment Association.

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Great discussion!

Btw, you might want to edit your text to be a little more reader friendly. Now it's just one big chunk without any line breaks. Better edited content means more votes and more money. =)

Fixed it, thank you!

Great interview! Wow tough questions Tatiana! Nice job and great answers Ned!

Can't wait to see Dan on LTB with Andreas and Adam to breakdown the technical aspects of Steemit.

Agreed! Though I am not sure the tech part will really make sense to me, I trust that crew to work it out ;)

Really awesome! Interview Dan The Man next :D

That would be interesting, I have heard there are a lot of advantages in using Bitshares too....

I've never even heard of them before. 1275 subsribers on Youtube. This is kinda weird stuff tbh. :)

Not sure what you mean, but I hope you enjoyed it :)