Why STEEM Is Proving Fear Is Not Necessary: Leading the way Into A Peaceful War

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We are all aware that we live in a system that is designed around scarcity.

At the core of this is the monetary system. We know money is power and it is the mechanism that the elites use to enslave humanity.

The central idea that is espoused is "there is not enough to go around". Actually, under a scarcity model, that is most likely true. Since those in control take a higher percentage, there is nothing but crumbs left for the rest of us.

This provides them with a powerful weapon: FEAR. They supplement this with media who is continually touting how bad things are. Even if they are good, they bring on the doom and gloomers who talk about the "next knife to fall".

It is an effective system and one, they realize, is threatened. Cryptocurrency is outside their control. We see a lot of huffing and puffing yet there is nothing they can do. We are now seeing the bankers embrace it since they fear missing out on the party.

That said, do not believe there is not a war taking place. These people are not going to just sit down while ceding power over. This applies to both the government as well as the bankers. Both institutions are at risk from blockchain. For the first time in human history, the power of the monetary system is truly in the hands of the people.

@wwf often writes about non-violence and non-aggression. He is right. This is a prime example where going toe-to-toe with these forces will result in annihilation. They have the troops, the guns, and the "law" on their side. It is a rigged game against all of us.

So what do we do?

We post, comment, and upvote.

Anyone who is participating on STEEM is engaged in the war. We are active participates fighting in a non-violent matter. We do not need to lash out at the bankers or the government. Instead, we simply opt-in to the erection of another system. Blockchain and cryptocurrency is that system.

STEEM is at the head of the class because it is a system that allows anyone to participate. Being one of the leading utility tokens, this ecosystem is going to free millions of people from the turmoil they presently reside in. Scarcity is now becoming abundant.

Social media made billions for a number of people. Like most things in the scarcity model, only a small percentage of the entire world population shared in that. STEEM is changing that around. There are already 60K+ people a day on here engaging in transactions. That means they are earning STEEM.

Yesterday, I wrote about my mindset of looking at each SP as a $1,000 gold coin. This gives me gratitude for what comes in no matter how small plus makes me remember the potential that exists here.


The wonderful part is that we still live in a fiat world. That means that, while there is a limited amount of STEEM, the price in one's fiat currency is unlimited. There is no cap on how high the price of STEEM can go.

Depending upon where one lives, the amount require to fulfill the basic needs is going to vary. Nevertheless, when one realizes the potential of STEEM, it is easy to see how it puts us on another path. No matter what one's account looks like at the moment, imagine it with a 10 fold increase in the price of STEEM.....20 fold....100 fold....

Does that provide you with comfort? Does that suddenly put you in an "elite" mindset?

Or are you holding onto the idea that it is not possible?

The war we are fighting against the establishment is an even greater challenge because they psychologically programmed us. It is the enemy that instilled our belief system. Sadly, most of the population is still unaware that something is even going on. While they might not be completely happy with the system, they can live with it. "Things are alright you know". Or "Yeah I get what you are saying but what am I going to do; I have bills to pay".

Those of us on STEEM are in a different position. We were handed the tools, the question is will we utilize them. Part of that process is altering our belief system for victory. As long as we buy into the idea that they are too powerful or that we cannot make a difference, they have the edge. At the same time, if one still buys into the scarcity model, that is also to their advantage.

In a post yesterday, I introduced the idea of Crypto Basic Income (CBI). This is the idea that cryptocurrencies are going to act as a basic income for people. As applications start to come online that allow people to get tokens for simply doing things they normally do, this is going to provide the safety net for hundreds of millions of people around the world. This is the epitome of abundance. Money is being created everywhere.


STEEM is one of the fundamental pieces in this. It has the ability to provide a basic income to people. The present system prevailed for so long because we embraced the mindset there is not enough. STEEM is proving that there is more than enough. Each week there is almost 750K STEEM available for distribution. That is programmed into the blockchain so it is happening regardless of what anyone wants to do. Unlike the scarcity model, this is not subject to the whims of a few individuals.

Being a part of STEEM means more than just enriching oneself. Naturally, we all want everyone to improve themselves financially. However, being on STEEM means we are actively participating in the war that is at hand. Our proactive choice shows that we are part of a new system being developed. Because of the nature, and power, of blockchain, cryptocurrency cannot be stopped. This is the mechanism that is going to help free humanity.

While this might sound dramatic for a social media blockchain, it is not. We all witnessed the carnage that was distributed the last 4+ months by the media. The FUD was intense. Why do you think this happened? The forces that stand to lose realize what is at stake. Therefore, holding onto the idea that I am being overly dramatic about this is playing right into their hands.

Each time someone earns a single STEEM, that is $3 received that is outside the system. This is money that is not under the control of the establishment. The government can do nothing about it nor can the bankers. At the same time, unlike one's paycheck, that can't automatically take their cut via automatic taxation or deducting fees. This is sucking power from them and they are well aware of it.

We need to understand, this is a war where the end if already written. There is no uncertainty, hence no fear. Yes there will be painful times as we feel the backlash in certain areas. As I said, they are not simply going to sit down and yield over power. Yet, ultimately, there is nothing they can do.

Each time someone receives a cryptocurrency token, that is another victory. Many are accumulating different tokens to ensure they are taking advantage of what is being presented. Understanding the magnitude of this opportunity is what should give people comfort. Since the war is a foregone conclusion, it is only a matter of participating.

I have little fear about the future, either for myself or humanity. I am certain it will be a radical improvement from where we are today. Everywhere I look I see the seeds of tomorrow. The world we live in, which is based upon scarcity of resources, created war, poverty, and environmental destruction. It also psychologically beat down billions of people, putting them in a state of total hopelessness.

Being on STEEM made me realize how this is shifting. This is not taking place in a vacuum. STEEM is part of a much larger movement that is grabbing power from the elites. Doing our part on here will not only help enrich ourselves, it will also assist in moving that agenda forward.

So have compassion for those acting up, on STEEM or elsewhere. They are scared. Their beliefs tell them there isn't enough. The banksters reside in their head continually touting that fear. Hence, instead of being caring and giving, they are greedy. They fail to see that, by doing that, they are fighting on behalf of the one's who enslaved them.

Fortunately, I see more people each day who are switching sides. They realize that utilizing the techniques of the banksters will only result in keeping the power in the hands of the banksters.

And all this starts within oneself. Getting a hold of the fear they placed within all of us is a major part of the process. Being on STEEM should tell all there is nothing to fear in regards to the monetary system. STEEM is proving that abundance is on its way for all.

We are entering a different Era and the banksters do not like it.

And anything the banksters do not like is of benefit to all of humanity.

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I'd would say anyone who can potentially benefit from any system will try their best to protect it and ensure that they will last. There's nothing stopping the traditional bankster from coming in and manipulate the entire steemit eco system.

Those who own crypto seem to have changed habits. One is that they don't have to work multiple jobs just to get by. The other is that they don't spend money on a ton of junk because their earnings would evaporate. This new model encourages saving and discourages consumerism.

My biggest worry is that banking authorities will try to infiltrate the crypto community with programmers who are more affiliated with the banking system than with the original cypherpunks who set this up. If they can rewrite the code to include regulatory taxation by convincing the top minds in Blockstream and other prominent blockchain projects that if the system collapses that there will be nothing left to pick up the pieces of the world to rebuild. They are likely to say what good is bitcoin being worth 1 million USD if it takes 1 million USD to buy a loaf of bread. Hopefully the devs will know better.


They will not be able to stop it. People working in the government are just regular people not crazy power freaks out to get you haha. Just regular humans that needed a job.


They are likely to say what good is bitcoin being worth 1 million USD if it takes 1 million USD to buy a loaf of bread.

That kind of inflation would have been brought into being by the government/banks. People would have had to have lost faith in both, much like Venezuela today. And I’d guess that if a loaf of bread went for a million dollars, Bitcoin wouln’t also be a million. It would be at least several billion.

The governments and the bankers will slowly give up, because there is no chance for them to win the war. The world of the Cryptocurrencies is growing bigger day by day and more people are becoming aware of it and joining everyday. It is very clear who will be the winner at the end :)


I agree. It's very clear. The Developers and Programmers. Welcome to a world run by the Geeks.

Certainly, the cryptocurrency has come to stay, and the rupture of that paradigm in the economy has worried many people, especially those who historically have managed the big economic monopolies. As you say, already some more habiles have started to embrace the cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology, others remain eceptic, resisting or fighting it. I also think that they waste their time, it is an unstoppable technology. Greetings.

All I can say is... B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.L!

You did a nice comprehensive analysis of what is coming and I found this very educative and motivating enough to educate a newbie.

Upvoted and RESTEEMED to benefit others too.


In scarcity, essential commodities command premium prices. Cryptocurrency is liquid money (currency) and as we know, money is always in short supply, never enough to go round.

Gradually, cryptocurrency is becoming a global feature. It now commands acceptance amongst diverse populations. As this progresses, scarcity sets in and prices go up.

But my concern is that scarcity can be faked rather than being allowed to be dictated by market forces. If market forces dictate trends, it last long, ensures stability and naturally cures itself - to the benefits of the market. But should the scarcity be faked, e.g. by people with means, prices artificially goes up, and since there are no levers to control the rise, it crashes in no time.

This is one of the things Steem must guard against. Steem is gradually growing, its must be allowed to continue to be organic- that way, everyone is a winner, and fear has no place.

You've given this a lot of thought and I'd be curious to hear you opinion on a question this article raised for me.

Is crypto inherently more democratized than fiat? If so, how does that jive with the wealth distribution on steem? If not, what sort of safeguards (technical or cultural) do you think would help prevent a scenario in which crypto just changes who the 1% are, rather than changes the distribution?


Anyone can fork a chain or create a new token.

We have to see how the breakdown occurs long term. Crypto, I sense, will start out uneven distribution and then move the other way which is the exact opposite of fiat.

STEEM, over time, is seeing a weakening in terms of percentage in the larger accounts. The smaller accounts are gaining more power collectively.


Anyone can fork a chain or create a new token.

I'm getting a similar to vibe to the anthropological idea that wayyy back when we were small hunter-gatherer groups, if someone was being a jerk/too much of a big-shot, the others just 'walked away.' In that respect, I think you're right - crypto is still early enough that this is an option.

STEEM, over time, is seeing a weakening in terms of percentage in the larger accounts. The smaller accounts are gaining more power collectively.

I was unaware of that trend, promising.

I really like your analogy of going to war and I agree. Every dollar we convert into a crypto coin is one more agreement that the people are not satisified with how the establishment has stacked the deck. It's one more vote for fighting against big banks and political corruption and its one vote that a change is coming.

Steem has positioned itself perfectly to capitalize on this movement and with hundreds of SMT's in the works it is poised to be a huge mover in the coming years


Have you checked out SteemPay by @asbear? Amazing service. It truly shows how the future will be amazing. Every Fiat dollar earned today is pretty pointless since it's already in the old system.


I have not seen it yet. Is it in the back pages? There are so many awesome add ins out there that I need to look at


Just go to SteemPay.co and have a look.

Steem meet-up all the necessary requirement

Yes Those of us on STEEM are in a different position......

cryptocurriencies are the future, thank goodness we are part of this..

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its really a informative post

This revolution is already taking place. It can't be stopped or disrupted. Crypto currency is the future and Steem is at the forefront.

Another brilliant one from you. Keep sharing what you see. People need to know this.