Warning: Amazon Proves Why Blockchain Is Vital: Tech Companies Becoming Willing Comliant With The Government!!!!

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It appears Amazon has quietly released its 5th annual transparency report which shows that it turned more data over to the US government than it did the year before. This is for the first half of 2017.

This comes on the heels of a similar news coming out of Facebook that it too is fulfilling more of the government's requests than ever before.

In short, it is obvious that the Feds are using these mega-corporate titans to spy on its citizens. Sure, they will claim it is for "National Security" but we know that is bogus. This is why blockchain is so vital to the freedom of the human race.

The company's transparency reports do not take into account any other data-related business units, such as if authorities have obtained data wiretapped or submitted through its Amazon's Echo products.

Personal AI assistants are coming closer to be a reality. We need to be very careful what we do with these devices. As evidenced here, this could be a situation whereby we invite law enforcement into our homes. These tech companies, not surprisingly, are doing nothing to protect their customers against the potential abuse of the government.

We all must stop feeding the beast and it starts with social media. Being in the ecosystem of any of these tech titans is putting you in danger. Regardless of what you are doing, there is a way for the government to turn it around on you. It is bad enough we are monitored in most ways, there is no need to volunteer information.

It is no surprise Amazon released this report in as quiet a manner as possible. The fact that these entities sell people's data to advertisers is well known. Now, people are starting to realize that anything they do is handed over to the government without even a fight. Individuals who are being targeted have no idea their data is even being asked for.

Naturally, there will be those who claim they have nothing to hide.

Saying that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say. -Edward Snowden

Law "enforcement" will use anything they can to get to the heart of what they want. If they were truly protecting and serving, this would be fine. However, we know this is not always the case. Powerful people use information to blackmail, coerce, and outright destroy people.

Law enforcement has, since Echo's inception, looked at ways to obtain data from the voice-activated assistant. Amazon has largely resisted efforts by police to obtain data from the always-listening product, but acquiesced in one murder investigation after the suspect did not object to the turning over of his Echo data.

It is evident that the elite benefited from the use of technology to spy and control the masses. Now it is time that we start to use the latest advancements for our advantage. Blockchain is one of the most powerful technologies we have ever seen. It is a game changer in terms of the power structure. For this to manifest properly, we all need to promote the idea of decentralization in every manner. From now on, it is best to commit to using as many decentralized services as possible. Fortunately, over the next year, there will be a number of these coming online. Hopefully, we see many of them on this blockchain.

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That is one of the reasons I am so committed to STEEM. It is imperative that we make this place as strong as possible. We can change the world, not only with our concern for our fellow man, but also by introducing as many as we can to the idea of tokens. Cryptocurrency is one of the mechanisms that can get people out from under the banksters control. Their stranglehold over society stems from their control of the money. Change this and we radically altered a large part of the equation.

There is a lot more to this than putting SP in your account. It is all part of the transformation of the human race.

And from the way I see it, this is ground zero in that fight.

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Upvoted, Resteemed, and here's my comment. As always, great stuff @taskmaster4450.

Figure since you're upvoting your own comments I might as well collect some rewards

Haha, fair point. Welcome!

You are absolutely right. Steemit is a great way to communicate with people without fear that your data will be checked by the government. Here you share with everyone only what you want. Good luck to you and kind.

Вы абсолютно правы. Steemit – отличный способ общаться с людьми не боясь, что ваши данные будут проверены правительству. Здесь Вы делитесь со всеми только тем, что сами хотите. Удачи Вам и добра.

I won't even consider buying a product like Alexa and have been putting off buying a Smart TV for years. When I eventually do buy one, I doubt it will be a Samsung because that company has been notoriously bad about respecting the privacy of its customers. I'll want to buy a model that will allow me to turn off the Smart mode, though that may not help due to the published ability of government hackers to turn on the monitoring features even though they appear to be turned off.

Cryptocurrency is the beginning of the revolution, people are starting to open there eyes and see the harsh reality of the world. Facebook, Google, and Amazon are data mines that harvest your data and hand it over to the government. Google never forgets. Cryptocurrency is cryptographic for numerous reasons and one of them is too put an end to this and stop banksters from having so much control. Start using duckduckgo and disconnect search. However, for some, it is too hard to give up social media and put down their echo's and home's. There is as simple solution to that, be more cautious don't post incriminating stuff and don't always have your devices near you. Know that they are always watching like in 1984. But do not worry the revolution is coming and all will be fine, use your brain and be smarter than the machine. Be secure and safe, and above all else don't be stupid. Great post as always.

Another fine post from the taskmasta. I wonder when the establishment will blatantly attack blockchain tech and give a bullshit reason for doing so.

Its a big part of the reason I got off all social media 2 years ago. The decentralized nature of Steemit is the only reason I am here. I don't trust any of these companies to "do the right thing". When all of the leadership of these companies are multi-millionaires with a ton to lose if the long arm of Washington comes after them, they will fold like a cheap suit. I've found in my career that those that are good at climbing a large multinational corporate ladder are usually weak in moral character without a firm foundation of their own.

You have to look a both sides of this, Amazon isn't all evil and could actually help crypto. If they start accepting bitcoin payments like they're considering that could help make crypto more mainstream to the masses and add legitimacy to it's purchasing power.

I wish this wasn't happening. I don't want one of these devices but I feel like my phones doing it anyway : (

Media sosial tradisional itu telah melanggar privasi orang lain, mereka telah menjadikan data yang mereka dapatkan secara gratis kemudian mereka komersil kan, sedangkan pemilik data hanya mendapatkan like, tidak lebih dari itu.

Yang mengherankan adalah mengapa orang-orang sangat tidak peduli bahwa apa yang mereka posting sebenarnya bernilai dan harus diberi penghargaan, kita memang hidup di zaman yang penuh tipu daya.

Saya telah menggunakan media sosial tradisional itu sejak 2008, mulai 3 bulan ini saya sudah meninggalkan nya.

Saya harus berusaha mengajak teman untuk berhenti menggunakan nya, sekarang zaman sudah berubah.

Awesome. the government seems to be against cryptocurrency why if i may ask. I believe with steemit our future is secured

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