@tribesteemup Is Shaping The Future

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A week ago, I wrote a post about supporting @tribesteemup and why everyone else should too.


Since that time, I delved a bit deeper into the meaning behind the project and starting to formulate some connections to modern day technology.

This was started almost a year ago by @kennykitchen.


Here is what was written in a post a few days ago.

317 days ago I created a container called @TribeSteemUp, with the purpose of supporting, connecting, and inspiring content creators working toward a more peaceful, harmonious, loving world. When i set those first intentions, I had not considered just how powerful a spell I was casting, and now I am here to clarify & refine, reinforce & recharge, to bring more intention & mindfulness to the conduit of energy that has been opened.

In another post, the words Community-Connection-Abundance were written. These concepts ring true with me.

To me, this is the epitome of what STEEM is offering. Over the next few years, we have the ability to expand this idea to reach tens of millions of people.

@tribesteemup is a voting pool. It was designed to provide a universal basic income of sorts to members on Steemit. Unlike the voting pools that get attacked by many on here, this one was created to reward people who are producing content that is motivating, uplifting, loving, and optimistic. This also rings true with me since there is enough negativity in the world.

One thing few people take time to consider is the impact of what they post. Many might not believe in the esoteric ideas about intention and projecting positive or negative results out into the ether. There are a lot of people who believes it a bunch of hogwash.

That is fine. We can leave that at the level of personal beliefs.

There is something, however, that is not a load of hogwash and that is artificial intelligence. Anyone who studied even the basics of what is being explored with deep mind and machine learning realizes that a big part of what is digested is based upon what we, as human beings, put out there. In other words, what we post is going to be used.

Think this absolutely nuts?

MIT scientists created "psychopath" AI by feeding it images from a Reddit.


Hopefully this will give everyone reason to pause before posting. What we put out there will shape the future since this data is going to be fed into computers. Much of the learning AI is going to undertake is simply a download of what we put out there.

There is no reason to accentuate the negative. @tribesteemup is taking the effort to explore all things that uplift humanity. We have been exposed to violence for so long that we think it normal. Sadly, we can now see how our violence only creates more of it.

It it time that we expanded our thinking and focused upon the results we create. Few consider buying a bottle of water a big deal until you realize where many of those bottles end up. I see them blowing in the wind down the beach all the time. We already have too much plastic killing marine life.

The Age of Abundance means that we need to look outside ourselves. One of the first rules we should have as Steemians is to "do no harm to STEEM". My view is we need to do our part to make STEEM the most successful blockhcain it can be.

There are a lot of wonderful things happening on this blockchain and @tribesteemup is one of them. Like my last post, I suggest everyone use steemauto to get involved in the curation trail. This is a wonderful way for accounts, especially those without a ton of SP, to get some income in the form of curation. Being involved in a pool like this means there will be some significant upvotes given. It is nice to share in that.

Also, I suggest everyone start creating content that will attract the eye of the @tribesteemup team. All selections of people to upvote is done internally. The criteria used was not revealed. However, posting depressing content probably is not on their list based upon the motivation behind the project.

We have the ability to change the tone on social media. Most of society is scared. This comes through in their words and actions. Being involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency gives an entirely different view. Through our upvotes on STEEM, we can change many people's lives. I have no idea of the background or state of the people who get upvoted by @tribesteemup, a curation trail that I am a part of. Nevertheless, I believe there are some who are really helped by my upvote.

And the nicest part is that it is all automated. Those people benefit from the VP that I have used by @tribesteemup automatically.

One final thought about this. The project has over 200 members supported. The @tribesteemup team showed itself willing to expand it whenever they can. For this reason, I ask that all go to steemauto and get them on your fanbase with a 100% upvote. That account does not post often enough torch you VP yet it will help them to expand the program.

This is not a voting bot that is designed to enrich one but to give back to the community. To me, that only serves to make STEEM a more powerful platform.

And that is something all of us have a vested interest in.

If you found this article informative, please give it an upvote and resteem.

To receive the free basic income tokens you are entitled to and help end world wide poverty, please click the following:

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I found the info on this group a little vague. Is there a summary/guide to help newbies understand how it works in a few simple steps?

For example, how does one get on the list of authors who gets upvotes? Is it as simple as setting up AutoSteem as outlined by @tribesteemup and then you are considered? I can't seem to find any clear info on the process.

Seems like a great initiative and thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Thanks for the post @taskmaster. I'm becoming more familiar with @tribesteemup and I think your vision of blockchain tech and cryptocurrency is a match. There are many good, authentic, hard working souls over there with a dream of a new future for humanity. Perhaps now is the time. Many blessings.

It was I who recommended you for @tribesteemup. 😉

Thank you @brightstar. It is greatly appreciated. I am following your work much closer now too.

I’m honored.

So, the kind of content that @tribesteemup is promoting can result in more polite, peaceful and tolerant AIs instead of a nazi skynet taking over the world hahahaha

If we want the light to win, we have to put it in every aspect of our life. It's the only way it could grow.

Love the idea of highlight the positivism in Steem.

great post

Great to know about the tribesteemup and in my opinion we all need boosting stuff in life and many say that motivation not comes easy but motivation comes from our own thoughts and if we have a community which is striving hard to share the work which is uplifting and motivating then that's great thing and in my opinion this idea should be expanded and i will include this tag in my upcoming posts. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

This was lovely to read. I’m new to the tribe and loving these feels.