STEEM Is Going To Change The World BUT Are Steemians Ready????

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There is no doubt that when it comes to revolutionizing the world, STEEM is at the head of the list. Blockchain technology is a weapon for which there is no defense by the establishment. They are going to wage war, one that is already lost. Decentralization is force that no centralized system can withstand. The power that the establishment has over the masses is an illusion. Decentralizing systems are starting to prove that exact point.

We often talk about lifting up humanity. One reason I am such a believer in cryptocurrency is because we are now seeing the power to create money in the hands of more than just the select few. This is going to radically shift the entire landscape of the world. Poverty now looks like we can make it a thing of the past. Projects that benefit humanity like medical research now will all be completed because there will be no lack of funding.

Decentralization is unleashing the power of humanity. We will see more innovation in the next 10 year than we witnessed in the last 70...combined. As much of a breakthrough that the Internet was, it ended up being a controlled entity run by just a handful of major corporations. This stifled innovation to the point where we are now lagging the historic curve.

There will be a phase of great disruption which is going to throw many in society into a state of chaos. Old establishments are going to lose their importance. Many, if not most, traditional models are going to be passe. This is going to affect even something as commonplace as work. People are going to have to confront basic philosophical questions about the nature of many aspects of our lives. It truly is a turning point.

Personally, I foresee the scaling up the hierarchy of needs that Maslow referred to. The Age of Abundance is coming for the masses. History showed that abundance was always a part of our society, only that a few enjoyed it. This is still true today.

Many think that Steemit is just another social networking site with the added advantage that one can make some money. On the surface that is true. However, it really is a lot more than that. It is a representation of the shift that is starting to take place.

Purpose is something that many write and talk about. What is one's purpose in life? Is one's career/work aligned with his or her purpose? People often pose these questions when feeling empty or in disarray. The proverbial midlife crisis describes this scenario.

Hence, one of the common methods people use is to switch jobs. The belief is that if one is not in purpose in one job, find another that fits that purpose. While there is a certain logic to this, there is one problem...the job is not the purpose. That is the mistake many people make and, hence, why they are equally as unfulfilled in the new job.

Looking at the job is often done too early in the process. Instead, people need to focus upon the evolutionary change that is required to align with purpose. What I mean is one grows as opposed to stepping into it.

We are multi-dimensional beings. Focusing upon what we can see only deals with the top level of our existence. We simultaneously live in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Each requires a different level of action to grow and change. Therefore, when we make a change at a deeper level, it affects all the others above it. Another fascinating aspect to all this is that it also changes those around us. Both ancient spiritual traditions and quantum physics talk about this.

It is interesting that we are in an age where we are seeing the blending of spirituality and science. The later is proving the former in many ways.

So what does all this have to do with STEEM?

Basically, STEEM is the first foray for most of us into the new paradigm that will be emerging all over the place. We are sitting on one of the most powerful blockchains that exists right now. This year, in my view, is going to see blockchain be the technology of the year. It is the one that is going to make the greatest advancement while changing many aspects of society. The foundation will be laid which will propel this forward over the next 5 years.

(As an aside, I think 2019 will be the year for 3D printing and 2020 will be Virtual Reality)

The reason STEEM is at the forefront in this move is because it encompasses the new concept of work.

We live in a world that still honors the old Protestant work ethic. The idea of people "pulling themselves up by their bootstraps" and getting out there is what is esteemed. The self made man (person) is admired and respected. What causes a problem is the state of technology and how it is changing things. Without going into it, the bottom line is our concept of work is going to have to change since jobs are not going to be as plentiful in the future.

STEEM does just that. Someone posts and article, if it is upvoted, that person gets paid. This is not different than what people do on other social media (which we know is not work even though some people spend 8 hours a day on it). Yet on STEEM, there is payment.

So if it is not work, what it is? In my view, this is part of the income people are going to get to compensate for lost wages down the road. STEEM is an income source.

STEEM is going to be one of the entities that helps to fulfill the lower needs Maslow mentioned. We are seeing financial abundance being created before our eyes. Not only is there the daily reward pool of STEEM, but we are awaiting the release of the SMT protocol which will allow the creation of other tokens on this blockchain. Hundreds of entrepreneurs are already developing projects on this blockchain which increase the value of the entire ecosystem. Plus, @ned is very consistent about his goal of having 100K entprepreneurs on here in 5 years.

That my friends is called abundance. HODLers of STEEM are going to do very well financially.

This cannot be stopped by the establishment. Decentralization is already embraced by too many people on here. Like Bitcoin, the only way to stop it is to shut down the entire Internet which is not going to happen. The days of central authorities telling people what to do are over, at least when on this blockchain.

The question is are Steemians ready for this?

This is where the evolutionary aspect of things comes in. Have we grown enough as individuals so as to collectively operate at the higher levels?

The challenge that is before us is that we are in a state of anarchy. Many believe this is a negative since society (the establishment) often teaches it that way. We are led to believe anarchy is something to be avoided. Thus, we allow the control system to maintain order (at our expense).

Anarchy is an absence of government. It is also the absence or denial of any authority or established order.

In this sense, it is freedom.

And the sad truth is that the human race is not ready for freedom. We see it everywhere we look. Even those who are "aware" and complain about the establishment cannot handle it.

Take freedom of speech as an example.

People think this means they can say whatever they want. Actually, what it means is others can say whatever they want and no matter how much you disagree with it, you applaud their ability to exercise their right AND do nothing to shut them up. That is what true freedom of speech is.

How often do you see it in society. Usually those who scream the loudest about the freedom of speech are doing the most to shut up the people they disagree with. Why do they do this? Because they cannot handle freedom.

What about fear? This is another one we see operating full tilt. Ultimate people are afraid of two things: losing something they have or not getting something they think they deserve (I am obviously excluding the biological fight or flight response in dangerous situations). Obviously, much of this stems from the scarcity society we were reared in. The banksters did a number using cultivating fear in all areas of our lives. The mechanisms they put in place, governments, corporations, bosses, etc... all use this tactic to keep us in line. And it works.

So are you willing to looks are your fears honestly? Most will say yes but I can tell you, it takes more courage to do something like this than anything else one does in life. The truth is for all our bravado, tough talk, and inflated esteem, we really are nothing more than puppet on the end of the string manipulated by fear. If you can sit down and face up to not only that fact but how it occurs on a daily basis, then you have the courage to advance higher.

How many people do this? Looking at how much of society lashes out, the answer is very few.

Changing humanity starts with changing ourselves first. Are you here on Steemit acting like this is Facebook? Do you feel that it is your right to attack others? Do you believe that there is not enough? Are you afraid that you are missing out? Do you believe that people should have the freedom to post what they want then attack it? Is what you are posting something that you would want said about you or your loved ones? Are you posting how miserable your life is or how much of a victim you are so that people will give you attention? Is your blog full of "woe is me" posts?

If this is what is taking place, this proves that changing social media sites is about as effective as changing jobs when seeking out purpose. It is a miserable failure.

Talking about uplifting humanity and bringing it forward while engaging upon the same behavior as when we were on Facebook (which some have described as a negative cesspit of humanity) tends not to get results. I believe we are going to move rapidly towards a decentralized world. The questions that we are presently being confronted with are what the masses are going to face. It is going to require people who are able to provide answers to guide people in the right direction.

The leaders of tomorrow are going to understand the concept "just because you can does not mean you should". We are on a blockchain that is a microcosm of what life will be without centralized control. There is no Big Brother to straighten things out. Anarchy means there is no established order. How do people operate without established order?

The ability to answer that question shows how ready one is to change the world. The secret is in knowing the fact that the solution is in front of me each time I look in the mirror. There is the answer.

Do you know why people fear artificial intelligence? The reason I believe is there will finally be an adult in the room and the children do not like that. Mankind is not an intelligent being but, rather, emotional. We behave like children lashing out in anger, frustration, or some other emotional form which is really fear. Logic is rarely something we apply. Instead, we go off the deep end screaming, hollering or typing 1,000 words a minute to "get" or control the other person. The reason we rationalize this is because everyone around us does the same thing (where do you think we learned it). Hence, we consider it normal to attack others in our self justified manner.

It is time to grow up. Steemians have a great opportunity to look in the mirror. The journey upward requires going in. This is going to take strength, persistence, and stamina. It is not easy to look honestly at oneself and own up to being a total abuser. Our society is build upon bravado and few have the wherewithal to get concise with one's emotions to realize that he or she is totally consumed by fear. It is this fear that causes us to be like the banksters and control, manipulate, and attack. Isn't it ironic that we become what we despise?

The world does not need more people acting like the banksters. Their greed, lack of compassion, and arrogance knows few limits. Unfortunately, most of us operate in a similar manner, only on a much smaller scale.

Nevertheless, the opportunity is before us. Banksters, large and small, are going to get crushed. Decentralization is going to alter society in a way that everyone is going to be accountable. And remember, on the blockchain, everything is permanent.

People who cannot control themselves are going to find they are stuck at the bottom. Abundance will be around them yet they will not be able to handle it. As things become more transparent, congruence is going to stand out. By the same token, a lack of congruence, also known as hypocrisy, will be more noticeable.

Politicians talk a good game yet their walk is totally different. It is easy to spot within them since they are in the public and their actions are open for all to see. Nevertheless, between blockchain and camera phones, the days of hiding from the disconnect between the talk and walk is quickly disappearing.

Steemians can start to alter this process by working to be in congruence as much as they can.

And this is how we will show people how to operate without an established order.

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I really like your article and agree with most of it. What I would like is that Steemit is little more fair. Many whales with lot of SP are selling their upvotes and then shitty articles can get upvotes because they payed for it.
Now on Steemit is very hard to advance without using bots even if you write interesting articles.

I think the bots are detrimental to this platform. There needs to be a model that raises content that is the product of hard work over the shitty articles. Whales have to be more discerning than just whoever pays me will get there content resteemed.


@cicbar do bots really help, when my posts generate a .14 reward? I never have tried them and it seemed to me, that I would just be wasting rewards. I did share a share of @steembasicincome with someone who was very kind to me. I guess that could be considered a bot.

They don’t help to get rewards but they help to get upvotes and improve rating. With more upvotes your blog will reach Trending column, more people will see it and if it is good, you will get more followers... so bots are necessary evil...


This platform is great... but I have been seeing not such great things, which might hurt it a bit.

First, there's the flag wars, with people attacking each other out of jealously and spite. (I can't find any valid reasons for the attacks, specially seeing that the guys accusing others of "raping the reward pool" are raping the reward pool themselves.)

Next, we have a problem with users giving up too quickly... they come, they post a few times, and they go away before even giving this site a fair chance. This might be both good and bad... since it weeds out people who were just looking for quick money.

Then... there's the crazy markets. What makes someone stay, after his account drops 80% in value just because the markets are insane...? I bet many people panicked and started withdrawing their money... while they still had some.

Anyway, I've been enjoying the platform... and in my opinion, this design needs a major revamp, since's interface is light years ahead of the original one, and we can't have that. Can we?

I agree with you on three of the four points.

The flag wars, like any wars, no matter how justified, are violent and destructive. People who were calm, caring, and giving to others suddenly bought into the war mentality. We see symbols of war passed around. People are being vicious. And for what? Like you said, because someone's greed got out of control. I understand that but is the answer taking from all those people supposedly wanted to help.

I think a great deal of the giving up too quickly is because people are marketing the money aspect of the blockchain. People think it is a get rich quick because that is how it is positioned. People pass around @jerrybanfield's video about making $15K in 24 hours. That isnt the norm. He had a huge following that he was able to leverage. If we talking about decentralization, lack of censorship, and the ability to build something, we would be more successful (along with a sign up rate that didnt take a week or more).

I disagree with this because there is nothing anyone can do. Crypto is volatile and focusing upon the markets is the wrong thing anyway. I know it happens. Activity is down on here and much of that, in my opinion, is people are discouraged at the price of STEEM (along with everything else). Fiat isnt volatile and it is also not given.

I started using for many things and you are right, it is light years ahead of the steemit interface. Of course, is it a problem since all are free to log in and use busy. As steemians, we have the choice.

This is far from a perfect system with many challenges. People want to focus upon what is wrong, which is valid, yet overlook the good.

Thanks for your comment @trincowski.

I hope the flag wars end. I am not joining them, I've been muting the most crazy spammers and I am not looking back. I don't need those destructive people in my life, anyway.


I actually don't understand why we can't agree about some general rules to end those flag wars? Or is it only 1 big haejin war? At least I didn't see any others.

In the past every steemonian could only write 4 posts a day. If we implement that rule again it's finished. And perhaps we could have a few more of these kind of simple rules?

Indeed Taskmaster many are still operating in a scarcity mindset that their votes only goes to themselves.
They chase after whales and get bitter if they recieve any upVote for kissing so much ass and when they see other people recieving the attention they get more bitter.

It is only when we have a paradigm shift in thinking that to be successful we need to recognize the gifteconomy economy of more people we share the vote and engage the better it is in the long run for us.

We have to let go of thinking of only about ourselves and build Communities, advocacy and charities.

It by changing how the blockchain is viewed.

Are we ready? To me i still see many who are not.
I would like to think that I am but there are still a lot of things to learn and do.

The gift economy is something that is not mentioned too often...sad to say.

Yet you are correct...we need to focus upon the success of all, not just the success of oneself. This can be done in many different ways, by upvoting as you mentioned but also by how we conduct ourselves. What image are we presenting to newer people?

Do not forget, we all are radically influenced by environment. If we operate on here like people do on Facebook, people will conclude this place is no different. On the other hand, if we are lifting ourselves to a new level, then we are indeed showing people the makings of a paradigm shift.

Indeed we need to reflect inward and learn that we can be the best version of ourselves here.
Remove the scarcity mindset, remove the troll that only wants to enrich and be one that reaps all the rewards, remove the self-righteous person that we are and open ourselves to be more considerate, kind and supportive of other people's dreams, aspirations and talents.

This has got to be one of my most favorite posts that you have and thank that with the limited internet I have during my vacation here in the province that I read this.

After being on steemit for only a few weeks I have reached the fun stage when the reward for a post changes when I upvote. I really like that and try to find some good posts to upvote every time I am logged on...

The more SP you get the higher the rewards would be so create great content. Earn SP through curation rewards and reporting spammers and plagiarists to steemcleaners.

exactly bitterness and resentment toward the ones with money is a great mistake and leads to the worst outcomes.

That is the scarcity mindset that a lot of people are still afflicted with.

They think that only they are entitled to do well and anyone they think is getting what they perceived as an enemy.

I am ready for the fun ride and have already buckled my safety belt.

I was looking at the pyramid and I see the second one is Esteem- I know you mean personal value of oneself and having a good outlook - self esteem.. but when I looked at the word it made me think of my phone app esteem and the way my mind works, I made the connection of how steemit (and the esteem app) has brought me out of my loner shell. Steemit, interacting and finding a community here has really made me more social and wanting to make more friendships. Ironic how one six letter word has more than one meaning to me.

Yeah, a little off topic, but my mind works in mysterious ways most days.

I love reading a positive, uplifting article in the morning. Thank you for that.
And I just love this: “ Facebook (which some have described as a negative cesspit of humanity)”

Thank you @appone.

We need to make sure we do not turn steem into the same thing.

I appreciate your comment.

We have a much better shot at keeping Steemit good

We don’t have him

no truer words said, in my opinion.

"So are you willing to looks are your fears honestly? Most will say yes but I can tell you, it takes more courage to do something like this than anything else one does in life. The truth is for all our bravado, tough talk, and inflated esteem, we really are nothing more than puppet on the end of the string manipulated by fear. If you can sit down and face up to not only that fact but how it occurs on a daily basis, then you have the courage to advance higher."

I accept this courage, and will help others up the ladder. It all starts within. It all starts with one. It all starts with me. Very great article. The comments were a good read too! I needed that this morning! :) Have a fabulous day!!!

Such a complete post, I had to resteem it.
Been following you for almost 1 month now, and I can never avoid watching your posts, they are always so good and interesting. This is the type of content that keeps me motivated, even when my rewards are not great...

Yeah the rewards really have taken a beating of late with the drop in the price of STEEM and SBDs.

Ultimately, we will see higher levels, just need to weather the storm for a while longer.

This is par for the crypto course, big runs up and large pullbacks.

Today is a green day for all the markets, 10% up, everywhere :D

It´s always worth to be active on Steemit because if the prices go up, suddenly we will get a boost in our rewards.

I think steemit and platformsblike dtube have offered the world an alternative to the old way of doing things. I am really excited to see what will come of it. It still takes time and work to succeed but the field has been leveled for everyone. We just have to hit the ground running. Great post!

I love to see how blockchain technology is penetrating to the remote areas to bring opportunities to those who need it. A level playing field for anyone with access to the internet. The power of this platform to change someone's life is amazing! This is what Steemit should be known for - Helping others voices to be heard and given some compensation when credit is due.

STEEM is going to make a huge difference for developing countries. I know a lot of people in Africa, and India, etc. and, for example, in India you can Rent an Apartment in a City Center for around 10,000 Rupees a month, which translate to around $100 USD. If someone from India were earning say $500 a week they would be able to afford that and live better life. I few people are trying their best to change world for better with their knowledge which is incredible and you are one of them. You got my upvote!

Good point! One of the reasons I find this an very interesting platform is that it distributes its rewards equally regardless of where you live in the planet.

I really hope that Steemit can become much more than a quick money earner for those from the 3rd world that just plagiarise mainstream media and offer little that is new and of value. I'd ideally wish to avoid the Facebook comparisons, but Steemit is probably a little too profound and meaningful for that kind of audience; it's not a place suited to one sentence posts of misspelt words and absolutely terrible grammar. What excites more about Steemit is not the Steemit page itself, but the spin-off sites, D-Mania, D.Tube, D.Sound etc. The latter services need to sort out their reliability issues to attract a larger functional and active audience though.

I don't comment on "woe is me" posts on Facebook or here. I come to Steemit because I enjoy creating content that people might like to see or read. You introduced me to #freewrite and @marianewest and now I enjoy doing them daily. If I buy a cool gold or silver coin, I like to show it to the world in a post. If I post a sad story, 99% of the time, it's fiction.

I don't come here to be bummed out. Thanks for opening our eyes Task. 😎

You think alot like I think, but where you go wrong is the anarchy. I see that future world will be world where ideology is made from facts, not other way around. World where we are truly part of greater perspective. World from where individualism is abolished from way of society. World where dead rise from their graves to serve the society. All false values, not just economical but also political, philosophical, etc. are abolished.

All false values, not just economical but also political, philosophical, etc. are abolished.

What does this mean? And how would that ever be accomplished? Who and how do we decide what values are "false"?

World where dead rise from their graves to serve the society.

I understand this is meant poetically but what dead ideas do you think should be brought back?

Im also not sure if you really meant to say that ideology should be made from facts not the other way around, but then say individualism should be abolished from society... because trying to abolish the individual has been at the heart of the ideologies which led to the most significant horrific and darkest times for humanity. Nazism and Communism are typically thought to be on opposite sides but what they have in common is collectivism.

  1. That means all those solidarity nonsenses and such. Cold fact is that there is no value that does not "show" it self. For example solidarity has never brought anything good. Simply I mean things that are "beliefs" rather than something with "true value". With economical I mean all this "money must be earned" bs and so on.

  2. I don't mean some past ideology or ideas. I mean people who are outcasts of this current system, like unemployed, crypto-enthuastists and people who don't labor much. Simply people who do not "exist" in this current economical understanding.
    I said "individualism" not "individual". Individualism as philosophy must be abolished simply because it looks only at individual, and takes everything outside of it as granted, like society for example. Individualism needs to be abolished because it ignores anything greater than our own perspective.

  1. That means all those solidarity nonsenses and such. Cold fact is that there is no value that does not "show" it self. For example solidarity has never brought anything good. Simply I mean things that are "beliefs" rather than something with "true value". With economical I mean all this "money must be earned" bs and so on.

I had to restart reading this a few times until i realised you meant individuality but were saying solidarity. I don't know if English is your first language but solidarity doesn't have exactly the same meaning. To be honest I'm having a hard time understanding what you mean. It makes it difficult to know exactly how much and how we disagree agree, or alternatively if we DO agree but you're just using different word. ^_^. So do correct me if I misunderstand you.

I assume you're replying to my first question in my last rely. You didn't really answer my question.... I asked how would so-called "false values" be abolished and I asked who would decide. What you said could imply something quite authoritarian so just trying to figure out if it's that or not.

You gave an example of one of these false values, individualism. *"That means all those solidarity nonsenses and such"... but you're going to need to be a bit more specific. I'm still not sure what you think you mean by individualism

"With economical I mean all this "money must be earned" bs and so on."

Are you saying that crypto is showing us a totally different way of seeing money and how we define value and what that means? If so, I agree! If instead this is more of a anti-capitalist thing then I don't, because it involves a great lack of understanding for what money is and represents.

I don't mean some past ideology or ideas. I mean people who are outcasts of this current system, like unemployed, crypto-enthuastists and people who don't labor much. Simply people who do not "exist" in this current economical understanding.
I said "individualism" not "individual". Individualism as philosophy must be abolished simply because it looks only at individual, and takes everything outside of it as granted, like society for example. Individualism needs to be abolished because it ignores anything greater than our own perspective.

hmm...I'm really struggling to connect the first part of this paragraph to the second part.

You called them dead but why did you use that word? I'm wondering if it's important or if it's just confusing me.

If you mean that that the transfer of wealth, from the old money with a long lineage in things like oil and banking to the technology entrepreneurs , will mean the most powerful economic people in the world will now have a drastically different perspective and so effect on the world going forward. If so I really agree! It's very exciting. In old money the passion that created the money is too distant and too divorced from their current wealth to be meaningful anymore, now they stagnate in the system. All companies end up like this the larger they get. The more it expands the more corrupt it gets and the more it edges toward it;s own collapse.

So what we're seeing with cypto is that people who are full of passion to change things with technology and find new solutions to problems with different ways of looking at things, they're gaining vast amounts of economic power that would normally take a long time and a lot of conflicts of interest corrupting the purity of it all.

As far as individual vs individualism, can you give some more examples Im not getting it,.


"I had to restart reading this a few times until i realised you meant individuality but were saying solidarity." No I meant solidarity, but it was propably bit dump as you likely don't live where I live, and it is perhaps not so highly pushed were you are.

"I asked how would so-called "false values" be abolished and I asked who would decide." Theses "false values" get simply abolished because they have no connection to real life! I am talking about things that are a bubble! For example current socialism in welfare-state, where it doesn't do anything good but instead just causes problems.

"Are you saying that crypto is showing us a totally different way of seeing money and how we define value and what that means?" Yes! And I am not anti-capitalist. What is going to be revealed finally that value is infinite, things can always be better.

"You called them dead but why did you use that word?" Take retired for example. They are like some waste in this system. They are useless, expired nuisance. They are called "waste of capitalism" by some philosophists and so on. True problem however is not capitalism, but the monetary-system.

"As far as individual vs individualism, can you give some more examples Im not getting it,."
From wikipedia "Individualism is the moral stance, political philosophy, ideology, or social outlook that emphasizes the moral worth of the individual.[1][2] Individualists promote the exercise of one's goals and desires and so value independence and self-reliance[3] and advocate that interests of the individual should achieve precedence over the state or a social group,[3] while opposing external interference upon one's own interests by society or institutions such as the government.[3] Individualism is often defined in contrast to totalitarianism, collectivism, authoritarianism, communitarianism, statism, cosmopolitanism, tribalism, altruism, and more corporate social forms."

"Individualism makes the individual its focus[1] and so starts "with the fundamental premise that the human individual is of primary importance in the struggle for liberation."[6] Classical liberalism, existentialism, and anarchism are examples of movements that take the human individual as a central unit of analysis.[6] Individualism thus involves "the right of the individual to freedom and self-realization"."

Basic problem of individualism is that in it, if the whole world would be about to be destroyed, and one person could stop it but doesn't want to, whole world should let be destroyed because that one person didn't want to stop it. There simply are grater things than one individual person and sometimes individuals need to do something they don't want to.

Wow! This is the most elaborately informative post I have read all day. Indeed, the world isn't proving to be ready for decentralization. Anarchy is something that actually scares me. Centralization keeps the beast in us under check. But with total freedom comes the unleash of totally irrational behaviours from some of us. I think, we need to brace ourselves for this incoming change. Else we might end up recreating a world far worse than what centralization has done.

Just about two years down the road since the inception of steemit, we already are seeing a lot of barbaric attitudes. Imagine decentralization on a world scale level. We might actually then encounter more wars than humanity have ever seen.

I feel as steemians, being the first(or one of the first) proponents of decentralization, we should take it upon ourselves to refurbish our way of thinking so that we can pave the way for new parties joining the decentralization train.

Thank you @taskmaster4450 for this wonderful piece. It really was deep! Resteeming this so I can make reference to it in future.

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I am certainly ready :)

Dear guys, sorry for writing but something wrong is going on ? 😣My Steemit Power has fallen from 10 to 3.5 SBD, my husband's has fallen from 20 to 8.50 SBD. I see 800000 and some signed on Steemit and only around 16000 active users. Please, forgive me I see that new people don't get upvotes from big guys and big guys only vote among each others with FEW VERY PRECIOUS EXCEPTIONS...??? Why SP has fallen so much ?
We are worried about Steemit future...Users need Education to succeed on Steemit as well to invest...?
How can we proceed further in new Steemit wins if we have no chance to advance ?

We have to work hard and get ready for every opponent because steemit is my be bother by many other selfish money makers👌🏻🎯

Just mind attractive post of steem.
Thanks to share this post.

Awesome article and very inspiring. I think you bring up a good point. We have the tool to create an amazing change. But only we can choose how we will use this tool. Should we focus on benefiting only ourselves or do we want the tool to be used in a way that it can benefit everyone ?

It is as he writes these days in one of my post in Spanish when quoting the example of birds flying in "V".

You probably automatically assume that that bird in front of everyone is the leader. True? It turns out that in reality in the flocks of birds, all take turns in unison. This is to achieve the common goal - to reach the destination - without anyone being left behind and at the same time nobody gets tired during the trip. They form a consensus, where to go and work together to get there. Decentralization in its most beautiful and purist form. Think about it, one of the freest creatures on our planet, it is capable of flying and working together.

I do not know about you, but I am ready to work for a pure and decentralized world of peace, love and mutual respect!

A lot of interesting questions here, and no quick answers. In my opinion it would be good to have a society where there are some centralized functions like the justice system and access to medical care for all for example. And I am willing to pay taxes to have that. But would be happy to see that taxation was based on resorce consumption rather than work.

And as a side note, lab grown meat will probably be a huge transformer of the world. It will lead to big changes through less energy consumption, freeing a lot of ground to grow crops for feeding the whole human population and a shift in mind set about about how we treat animals. And, if if my goal in life was to get a Nobel prize, this is the field I was going into..

i am ready... but if some people are ready it can't be happening... we all must do it by helping each other... then steemit obviously can change the world...✌

You brought up some interesting thoughts. I Also think the incentivizing of positive, thoughtful contributions will lead our society out of the dirty social media age of the past decade. Giving some sort of social accountability when it comes to cyber bullying and closed mindedness. We are collectively going through an age of enlightenment revealed to us by the negatives we are seeing in the comment sections of social media.

Certainly a lot to digest in that post. I do agree that the blockchain revolution is going to be huge and greatly disrupt many of the current structures. If we progress to a point when traditional employment is not required, people will need to find motivation for other activities.

If we progress to a point when traditional employment is not required, people will need to find motivation for other activities.

Thanks for the comment @phelimint.

I am in the camp that this is not an if but a when. Traditional employment faces some serious headwinds including the pace that automation is starting to penetrate. That is something which is difficult to overcome. Corporations are already operating with less people in the past. At the same time, the people who are employed are not being given more money. In short, Wall Street is the major one who the expense of all else.

Even the idea of creating meaningless jobs just so people have a place to work is being eliminated. Corporations are automating out the low end dead end jobs because even at minimum wage, it is cheaper to automate.

Slow Claps

That was awesome @taskmaster4450, what an article.

You combined all my feelings about steemit here. Ever since I got here I noticed a very strong spiritual presence among most members. During my day I never see people talking about spirituality and very little forward thinking about what we've let happen to ourselves and our world.

Everyone is content to just keep the same system, where the banksters rule the world and keep taking more and more and more while putting us down, de-educating, and pushing products that are unhealthy.

The world is changing fast, technology on the blockchain is allowing things that wouldn't have been feasible before. We actually have the ability to change what an income source is, it doesn't have to be a job, it just needs to provide value in some way. There are endless possibilities for that.

We don't have to keep believing that people must have different value to society. Everyone has something to share if we give them the chance. I really don't think most people are ready for this mindshift, people are so used to being used as a cog in the machine. We're used to giving away our rights and our time and energy for things we don't truly agree with. Do people really want to spend so much money on warfare? I don't think so.

I think people are waiting because they are afraid, afraid of eachother and of change. It's always the case, change is scary, we don't know what it will bring. The past is nice and comfortable, we've been there, we know what it's like.

We need to wake up, take a hard look at what we're adding and what we're taking. To see why we're so afraid of certain things, why we believe certain things, and why we don't think this is a possibility. We could be living in a utopia if we just worked together and supported eachother.

Steemit is a great start, there are a ton of amazing people on here, despite the fact that there are still some people so afraid they feel the need to take as much as they can from the platform. Those people will see in time that it is unnecessary. We can provide the value on here so everyone can thrive.

Resteemed my man, this one combined a lot of things and brought it all together nicely. I think steem has a great setup to promote a brighter future. I think as a community, this should be one of our main goals, showing abundance is possible.

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Steem is the future we have been waiting for to bring about financial freedom and steemit is the bedrock of this evolution change. I know that many merchants are ready and many entrepreneur are in embryo. I am 100% ready to welcome the future of the blockchain and cryptosystem.

Having the proper mindset in tomorrow's world will be crucial. The whole thing about "just because you can doesn't mean you should" rings true. I feel like acting the opposite of the quote will lead to an inflated ego and that person will not be willing to learn anymore.

We will see more innovation in the next 10 year than we witnessed in the last 70...combined.

I agree with this, there is a huge potential in front of us right now and there will be those who will make the best of it.

I am glad you tried to explain to people what freedom of speech actually is. I do hope your readers understood you. I always say that freedom to not agree with me is the biggest "freedom gift" I can give a person. It is easy to get offended by other peoples opinions and lives, but that is just us trying to control the world around us by trying to make it fit our standards. We often demand and condition people to act or think like us and in that way deserve our love or respect. That is why there is so much fighting going over on some other social networks and platforms. Not here, dough. I have come to the conclusion that steemit loves diversity, it basks in it.

There is an abundance of everything all around us and I think steemit is ready to enjoy it and welcome the new era of human kind. The new world is being built and the new era IS COMMING. Some will flourish and some will not, but that is normal with progress, there will always be those who fear the change for the change itself. Thank you for this post, it was such a pleasure to read 💚

Hello again @taskmaster4450 - I occasionally find the time to check one or two of your Steemit posts since I was introduced to your posts via Manna Currency UBI and you seem to have a good feel about what is going on in parts of the crypto-world along with UBI. Upon reading your new post here I'd like to ask you a question if you have the time for a reply.

My steemit experience has been a balance between earning income in other places so that I may survive (food/rent/etc), and posting updates when I get the chance on Steemit to get a feel for the platform and try to earn some income for the efforts. So far, it has definitely not paid off—as others noted to you in their replies, some users come, post a few things, and then go away—for me (and I assume others) the time invested on obtaining an income elsewhere overrides the time to invest here if the response to what we post is very low, if that makes sense.

Now I completely understand this is not the case for other parts of the world where Steemit is quite literally supplying freedom to people. So my question to you is- what do you think of similar platforms to Steemit, such as Have you tried such a platform yet? I'd just like to know what your opinion is on places like that. Thank you for your time!