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Recently, I started posting some thing on Minds.

For those who do not know what this is, it is another social media site that is around a while but they are just entering the cryptocurrnecy realm. They are in the testnet stage so things are really early for this project.

Presently, they have over 1M users and the site has a "facebook" feel to it. It is a little bit more interactive in that regard. On the site, people earn tokens for getting followers (subscribers) and upvotes. There are a variety of ways to earn tokens.

One of the nice features is they have groups. This allows one to start a group surrounding a particular subject. I went ahead and start a STEEM group to have a place for Steemians to go and post questions.

I also feel this will be a great site to promote STEEM. From what I can gather, they actually will be an ideal candidate to put their project on this blockchain via the SMT protocol. They could use the reward system that is in effect here to further their endeavor into cryptocurrency.

Either way, getting STEEM in front of another group of people will be helpful. Plus it is another place to cross-post our articles.

Minds has a referral program which enables one to earn tokens for referring friends and family.

Please use my referral link to sign is greatly appreciated.

Once signed up, here is the link to the STEEM group.

This is another way to earn some tokens and hopefully get to know your fellow Steemians a bit better.

Hope to see you over there.

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After Steem there have been so many social media as a copy of this that have came out but I do believe it’s better for the community and all

I am also using minds community 😊
Thanks @taskmaster4450 for the share

Thanks for the information sir.

The more the concepts of social media and crypto are mingled, the better. I do not believe that only having one option is the best way. The potential of blockchain is large enough for a number of social media projects.


I agree. It is only to the benefit of humanity to have multiple ones to use. I do not see blockchains competing with each other but complimenting each other. Cross posting can serve a great purpose to enlarge the followers one has while promoting other platforms.

I´m posting some soft and funny things there, daily!
I´m also, officially the 3th member of the STEEM group, joining you (@taskmaster4450) and @holger80.


Glad to have you in there. We can really use it to be a valuable steem resource...especially if people have questions or ideas to promote steem.

I am also using minds community 😊
Thanks @taskmaster4450 for the share

Fantastic info, we will see

Wow thanks for this update

thanks for the info, never heard about this site, I think after steemit, many social networkings will slowly shift toward the model of members make somehow money for posting and participation

Thank for the info @taskmaster4450, how are those tokens on Minds? can you trade them? Or is it a way of invest them there as the steem on steemit?


No they havent done anything near that...they are in testnet and the tokens arent public yet. They are rewarding them for certain activities. That is it so far.

Unfortunately they are use the erc20 standard for their token. Also i feel like the dev team won't use SMT bc they would think they are helping the competition. Maybe when SMT is more mature will they use SMT.

I guess I'm kind of going the other direction here, being a regular user over the last 3 months or so, and being #newhere on Steemit, I've just joined your Steem group on Minds as well. I still have lots to learn about how Steem works.