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RE: Why steem engine is not a replacement for SMT

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Too many allow their hate for Steemit Inc to cloud their views. While it is obvious they had their troubles in the past, they are operating in a manner that is different from before. That said, they are a private company and will operate in their best interest. There is nothing wrong with that, it is something people need to be aware of.

Steem-Engine is a wonderful addition. However, that does not mean what Steemit Inc is working on is not is. Layer two solutions have their uses yet they do not compare to having something coded into the blockchain. This is a double edged sword because too much conflicting at the base layer can screw everything up.

SMTs are still the game changer promised. Steem-Engine is another option for tokens to trade and people to start different communities. These are in addition to what Steemit Inc brings out.

Part of assessing what is taking place is looking at Steemit Inc with neutral eyes. They have their drawbacks but there are also positives.

I am excited for the day when they announce the coding for SMTs is will be a game changer.


I was waiting for a post on this from you. Enlightening...