Cryptocurrency 2.0: STEEM And The Age Of Abundance: The Tokenized World Is Quickly Forming!!!

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Jobs are going to be wiped out at a rapid rate due to technology!!!!!

This is a point that some like to debate but the reality is this cannot be disputed. Many like to point to the past claiming that technology always was projected to eliminate jobs when, in fact, it created more. This time is no different.

Wrong. This time is different for one simple reason: technology is advancing at a pace never seen before. What use to take decades now occurs in a few years.

In spite of that, we are entering the age of abundance very rapidly. Many people fail to realize that over the next 5-10 year, trillions of dollars worth of assets are going to be moved from centralized operations to decentralized ones. This is going to open up the floodgates for advancement.

A decentralized computer network is much more powerful than a centralized one. Centralization has a cap on the pace of growth. There are limits to employee's time and resources. In a decentralized environment, we see that does not exist. Using the blockchain as an example, there are millions of developers around the world all hacking away at code creating many new apps and features which do not presently exist.

In short, we are going to see a major uptick in the innovation curve.

So how does this positively impact humanity since we are going to see job destruction like never witnessed before. Quite simply, we are seeing a new paradigm of compensation emerging. And I can tell you it is coming into existence at light speed.

We are all familiar with STEEM. I wrote many articles describing how STEEM is changing the world. At the same time I noted how Manna is going to also be a token that is central in people's "basic income" package since it is freely given. These are just two of the tokens that are ushering in the "Age of Abundance".

Humans, finally are going to be free from the organizations that enslaved them.

Some still find this impossible and a pipe dream. I can understand that since we were all conditioned for scarcity in a bankster run world. Therefore, it warms my heart to tell everyone it is changing right before our eyes.

This morning I received my approval from Presearch. This is a decentralized search engine that is in beta. They had their ICO back over the summer and now they are using searches to program their system. When reading the email, I noticed that one can get up to 8 tokens per day just by doing searches. Looking up the price of the token on, I saw that it is traded at $.70 per token. That means each day's search pays roughly $5.60.

Certainly, this isn't going to make someone rich but $5.60 is a decent chunk of money in many places around the world. I once read that, according to the WHO, more than 1 billion people live on less than $2 a day. As you can see, just doing these searches would radically alter the lives of all those people.

This is what I mean when I say a "tokenized world". This path is already starting. STEEM is one of the reward systems in place for doing what people normally do. Presearch is another. Whatever we normally do, there is going to be an incentive placed on each activity in the future.

I suggest everyone head over to and sign up....the approval took a day for me so be patient.

Many will ask how can they afford to do this? That seems to be a lot of money to pay per search.

Welcome to the Age of Abundance.

It is only a lot of money if you think like the banksters taught you. When you realize there is no limits to the amount of money the Internet can produce, you begin to understand how there is more than enough for anyone who wants it.

Nevertheless, for the disbelievers, let us discuss search and how much it is worth. Google presently has a total market cap of $770B. Naturally this is a technology company involved in many different things so pinpointing exactly how much the search function is worth is difficult. Nevertheless, this is one of the primary aspects to the company, if for no other reason than it puts people on the Google ecosystem. It is safe to say that it is worth tens of billions of dollars.

Presearch has a total coin issuance of 1B (155M outstanding now). Even if you place a value of $10B on Google's search, that puts Presearch at $10 per token. Fortunately, I believe that search is worth a lot more than that so we can presume the ceiling is much higher.

How much does that equate to per search?

Now please bear in mind this could only be the payout during the beta phase. However, it does drive home the point how much money is available when you take it away from a centralized entity and pass it around to the masses.

With the recent run up in the price of SBD and STEEM, we now realize that the reward pool is worth millions of dollars per day. This is a number, I believe, will only grow as the price of STEEM enters the double digits and progresses towards the $100 mark.

Here is another example of where the Age Of Abundance is being created before our eyes. Facebook is a $542B entity while Twitter is 18B. YouTube is not broken out but it has to be worth at least $100B to Google. And Reddit is worth a minimum of $25B. These are centralized organizations which are nearing 3/4 of a trillion dollars in worth.

STEEM is a perfect example of what happens when social media activities are decentralized and passed around to the masses. To start, more people profit. Also, innovation happens at a much greater pace since people are free to create as they see fit. Again, like most other things on here, we are only at the tip of the iceberg in terms of apps developed by individuals on here. Wait until we see what is done over the next two years.

This is the future. Tokens are incentives for us to use certain products or services. By entering into this model, we are taking the power away from the centralized entities which "siloed" the Internet. Each person who signs onto any of these sites and gets a token, is one more removed from the slavery that existed under the old bankster system. This is rapidly going to become the norm.

Cisco estimates the Internet is worth $19T. Blockchain is 100 times more powerful and disruptive because it is totally decentralized (like the Internet was suppose to be). We are only starting to enter the tremendous innovation curve that lies ahead of us. With that, we will see abundance for everyone.

I hope you can start to see the path that we are on.

It truly is the Age of Abundance which was promised for so long.

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I agree with the pace of technological innovation. The amount of new projects and tokens is growing so fast, it's become a full time job for me just to keep up.


Yes and it will only multiply in the future @techwizardy.

There are a ton of things that will be developed in the next 24 months that will blow our minds.

We are on the edge of an innovative process I never imagined.

Thank you for this @taskmaster4450.

I'm actually getting sick of Google and their hardcore 'richest wins everytime' type ways, and was thinking of starting to use BAT, but I've now signed up to PreSearch. Thanks for this post, I had never heard of it before.


You can still use BAT too.;)


Haha, I know... I'm getting around to it... change is a slow process of here in AussieNinjaLand.


I got on their email list before the ICO and followed some of the development. I didnt buy in during ICO (in fact didnt buy in at all) yet feel it is a project that is worth supporting to break the Google stranglehold if we can (at least start the process).

I presume the beta phase is to get the AI aspect of things being fed search information so it can start to work on its own.


Bing has actually been trying this for a while with 'Microsoft Points'... but their prices are so high and the prizes so terrible that I never gave it a second look. Earning actual cryptocurrency is a whole other ball game.

The good thing is... if I get in early enough, I can figure out what their AI looks for and change my website accordingly.

Lovely optimism and very astute analysis of the market caps of centralized monopoly companies. If the decentralized response can pull through with the speed and design innovations that brought the giants to their current peaks, we could see some rapid evolution in those markets.


I use the steem blockchain as an example.

Notice all the innovation on here and this is less than two years old. Imagine this place by the time it is 4 years will be light years ahead of where it is now. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of developers/programmers creating stuff for the steem blockchain. Some of it will be embraced...some will not. Regardless, it will be created.

Are you familar with The zero marginal cost society, the idea that the age of abundance is upon us are very well laid out in this book. It would explain the increasing attempts at centralization and lashing out of the powers that be against the way new ways!!!


I am aware of the theory which I believe is starting to come truth. Diamandis talks about this also with his 6 Ds, one being demonitization.

This is the reality of the Internet...everything that gets digitized gets reduced down to almost a zero cost. We see this everywhere we look.

Now it costs almost nothing to create a currency and is a revolutionary breakthrough.


dilly dilly!!!

Thanks a lot for your well-written article, I signed op for Presearch, sounds interesting! I've been skipping Google for a few months now, and although I have to be honest that I do find stuff easier on Google, I've not turned back to it since. Curious to see what the Presearch experience will be :-)

Can't wait to see more and more projects like these light up.
By the way task, I see you're always on your toes and seem to find every good project quickly... do you grind on search or how do you do it? Wouldn't mind following the same sources as you mate, you seem to know what you're doing :D


I just poke around on here a lot and see what others are talking about....much of it is pump stuff so I ignore it...

Basically looking under every rock until a diamond appears....

Although I admit that PRE is something I followed since the early stages....I didnt get involved in the ICO but it might be time to drop a few dollars into this one....

Although I do love the idea of earning through beta and maybe beyond.

I’ve told my co-workers and friends that cryptocurrencies may allow me to retire within the next few years. Most of them sort of laugh it off. Sucks to be them!


I understand @shaungerow.

I talked to some I work with, even told them the money I am making and they have reasons why they wont do it. One said he gets blockchain but cant wrap his mind around cryptocurrency...another only focused upon the mining aspect of bitcoin and how much electricity it used....the best was my boss who was invited to a bitocin party a few years ago and was going to invest $1,000 in BTC at that time, only to shy away (because someone told him to) and yet he thinks it is too late for cryptocurrency.

They will all be in cryptocurrency because that is how the world will be....they will be earning it and getting incentivized by that time they will be getting an income but those who got in earlier will be well off.

Some simply cannot see what is in front of them.

Thank you for continuing to inform Us about the emergence of new opportunities to live in abundance. I will register on this platform. Good luck to You and kind.

Спасибо, что продолжаете информировать Нас о появлении новых возможностей жить в изобилии. Я обязательно зарегистрируюсь на этой платформе. Удачи Вам и добра.

Technology in one way is destroying jobs but in another way create many jobs for people.look at the number of people benefiting from steem technology.As you just said,that in future that many centralize operation will going to be decentralize.this is a great insight that we should hold on to it because truly it will going to happen.thanks for sharing this priceless insight.


You bring up a good point @steemfirst.

What is the definition of a "job" or, more importantly, "work"?

Technology is destroying the go to an office or plant and put in X number of hours for X number of dollars.

The time for money model is being obliterated. Now what we are seeing in formation is the getting reward for creating and using....

So is someone on Steemit earning STEEM working? Is that their job if it is their primary source of income? Is it work for them earning a fair bit of income while just play for someone else who is doing it for fun and earning a bit of STEEM? Where is the breakdown?

This is where people's ideas need to change.


Hunter gatherer society had no distinguishment between work and play. They would not understand a job. Even calling them hunter gatherers is awkward as they wouldnt define themselves that way.
Agricultrural societies functioned differently. Its awkward when people claim 90% of people worked in farming, as it was a completely different set up. They also wouldn't understand the concept of a job, or rather that more than a small handful could have them.
Work in the sense everyone means it is purely an industrial era concept and will end as the industrial era ends. Saying something kinda sorta like it exists outside it so long as you don't look very closely doesnt work (pun intended).


Thanks for the information. I hadn't heard of Presearch. We have a huge opportunity to capitalize on this technology before the masses. I missed the early boat on Steemit, but am here now and thanks to articles like this, I won't miss out on future opportunities like it!

Thank you for your thoughts they are really inspiring and let us hope that many more people will have extra income in what they are doing. I'm just wondering what this will do to the regular job sector if you start to earn more passive income than on lower waged jobs. And also the overall income structure will rise exponentially in this could cause massive inflation in regular all day goods as well. Do you think as well that this increase in passive income could cause massive inflation??? Upvote and resteem!!!


Tnx for upvote.

Nearly every business or entreprise today will be either transformed to or outcompeted by a blockchain version of that company.

Great post! I signed up for presearch today 😁


I agree @fitzgibbon.

You seem to be one who understands the technological implications of blockchain. I dont get why so many miss it. This is something that makes the 1990s look like a burp in terms of disruption.

It is the Internet finally put on steroids. Anything that tries to stand in its way will get bowled over. In the end, decentralization is radically altering the world...and very quickly too.

This is a revolutionizing idea and it could shape our world's really. I hope they succeed with implementing it.
I made an account. Thank you for sharing this tip with us( this expression is so overused here unfortunately)
I also made an account on bitradio but their site is clunky and their captchas are extremely annoying. I hope they make it better


Yes some of the reason for that is so someone just doesnt turn on a station, mute it, and play if for days on end.

It is a bit of a pain but they do reward as long as one keeps telling the system they are alive and not just a robot trying to milk tokens.


I know they have their place and I've done captchas before when I experimented with faucets but they have the most annoying one by far, I'm sorry to say :)

You do a search and get $5/day? wha... really?


Actually I had to do 32 searches to get the $5.60...but you get the overall gist.

There is money in search...just ask Google.

Now perhaps some of it will spread to us.


amazing, ty

The Taskmaster Hype Train strikes again. Love it. Thanks for introducing me to Presearch. I used Google to find it. LOL.


LOL isnt that ironic...using Google to search for its competitor.

I am hoping that Presearch really takes off....the world needs an alternative to Brin and Sergei.

We all need to embrace decentralization wherever we can to help break the hold entities like that have on humanity.

I think so, Blockchain is 100 times more powerful and disruptive because it is totally decentralized (like the Internet was suppose to be). That day is not too far STEEM must reach triple figure. Thanks for your nice article. Keep it up dear.

Absolutely, the SBD will move quickly towards $ 100. You can say exactly the computer network sold more than a centralized computer is stronger.Your valuable article will be of much benefit to us, thanks.

Yeah buddy @taskmaster4450 why not believe in a better way? Times are changing. Sharing thus on my fb feed too. Thank-you for doing this post. Congratulations on the progress of presearch!! Goodness and blessings ❤

How have the results been from presearch? Does it look like a "almost there" beta or a "long way to go" type? I like the idea of $5 per day but ideally it still works as a half decent search.

Mind blown!! Thanks you!!

The earlier we realize that technology will eliminate jobs, the better for us. Another great article from taskmaster.

Yep, but it is for the better future :}

This information is great.

Thank for share this post.

Interesting, I need to check out presearch, thanks for the heads up, love to see where things are going.

That's really outstanding post.

I think because of the technology, any job has become very easy for us. We are now getting some hand in hand because of technology, so it brings great benefits for us.

Thanks for discuss about Bitcoin..I apprecite to your post...I think that steem is the best in this situation...Thanks for sharing...

great words to live by,

Steem on

very good information my friend, I will resteem and upvote, thanks friends, good luck always @taskmaster4550

Crypto is a great way.The earliest way to get rich and not just make money with crypyo is to buy crypto and hold for year or two..........

As long as you do not have a Google search engine optimization
You know, you will not be able to grow as you find the search.
You must know about the findings of the instruments

Very good idea.because of the technology, any job has become very easy for us. We are now getting some hand in hand because of technology, so it brings great benefits for us.

Another Great one!!


Enjoyed your post immensely.

Thanks for the great information. I just now signed up for both presearch and manna.

BTW, salutations. I am JaiChai. Delighted to make your acquaintance.

RE: Your Post

Over 96% of the world's population still hasn't heard about Bitcoin. And most of those that have, still don't "get it".

Consequently, trying to grasp the game-changing nature of decentralization and a new paradigm of "rewards" will take A LOT of time for the average man on the street, the normal working Joe.

That's why Steemit is so unique.

This platform exposes all its members to thousands of "early adopter" opportunities 24/7!

Namaste (I recognize the divine in you),


Really i'm fully appreciate with you, it's time for betterness just stay with passionate. this is awesome speech-- "Jobs are going to be wiped out at a rapid rate due to technology"

This depends on us and how we use the technology. Wealth is not being created, it’s just becoming more fluid, so fluid that it’s hard to really get a grasp on the rate at which it’s flowing in different directions. Some of the top coins will fall, some new ones will rise. Some massive corporations will adapt to the new normal, others will pretend to, and others will fail.

There will still be those who seek to use this technology to control us all. I believe that the more crypto millionaires we create here (because that’s one of the things happening at Steem, future millionaires are being born) the better. The more resources we redistribute to those who need them, the better!

we were all conditioned for scarcity in a bankster run world.

And people reject this when I tell them this is so...Right on point brother, nice read in the morning :)